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Oct 21, 2007 04:43 PM


I have been reseaching the dragon fruit and the rambutan and I am dying to find them! I want to try them so badly! Anyone know where I can find any in NJ or NYC??? Please let me know ASAP!!!!!

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  1. Not sure about fresh, but you can get dried dragon fruit and freeze dried rambutan at Trader Joe's.

    1. you can definitely find fresh dragonfruit in chinatown in nyc, but i'm not sure if they're in season.

      1. You can find fresh dragon fruit at practically any stand in Chinatown right now. Not sure for how much longer, though. I saw some rambutan, also. Not quite as ubiquitous as the dragon fruit, but not hard to find either.

        1. Like the other posters, I have seen Dragonfruit in Chinatown recently (maybe 2 weeks ago). I don't remember seeing fresh rambutan but I have seen the canned rambutan at various Chinatown grocery stores, in the canned fruit section. Wish you good luck in finding them.

          By the way, if you are going to eat the Dragonfruit, please be cautious. Don't eat too much in one sitting because it's pretty high in fiber (i.e. it will make you go to the bathroom)! Also, if you eat the ones with red flesh (I think the ones in the US have red skin but white flesh so you will be ok, I suppose), the red color will not fade when it leaves your body. I had a red-fleshed Dragonfruit in Taiwan a couple of years ago and the day after I ate it, I thought I got colon cancer! It was a pretty scary sight. Just a precaution.

          1. you should get fresh lychees instead of the rambutan. they are sweeter and also cheaper, when available. kam sen market in white plains has all of them in cans, if you don't mind substituting. chinatown around grand and chrystie is always a good place to start for hard to find fruits and veggies. good luck!!!