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Oct 21, 2007 04:32 PM

going to Le Bernardin this week for a special birthday

What should I order? What's really special? What about a wine recommendation? I would like to get a good, interesting wine but price is a consideration here.

I was at Le Bernadin a few years ago for lunch and am really looking forward to going back.

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  1. OK, I went there. It was very good but for the money they charge it should have been amazingly great.

    The two of us had the 2 tasting menus. The Chef Tasting menu ($180) and the Le Bernardin tasting menu ($135).

    Here is some advise if you go. The less expensive tasting menu had more interesting dishes and better quality dishes than the more expensive Chef's Tasting menu. The Chef's tasting menu sounded more interesting when reading the menu but it wasn't. Save your money and get the Le Bernadin tasting menu.

    The sommelier steered us to an excellent wine. It was a Tesch Rieslinge. Bone dry with good body and great depth of flavors. Good choice. $80 was more than I usually spend on a bottle of wine in a restaurant but this was one of the least expensive wines on their wine list. It went very well with the food.

    I thought the wine was a good value and better than most of the food.
    When I got home I looked up the wine at cork'd. Good review. $11.50 retail. Ripped off but at least it was good.

    The fish in all the courses were very good but the sauces were sometimes excellent.

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    1. re: RichardW

      Can that be true??? That they charge $80 for a bottle of wine that retails for $11.50??? Are you certain it was the exact same wine? That is truly shocking, to me! I am just naive?

      1. re: erica

        erica, you might want to check out the not about food board's wine mark up thread that was started on 12/11/2006. By the way, restaurants pay wholesale so it would be even less than retail.

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          Is this not a markup of 800 %???

          I posted a query on that thread.. Thanks!

          1. re: erica

            Actually it is a 700% mark up. Still very crazy.
            The place was much too expensive for the meal and the experience they deliver.

            They acutally seemed to have 3 people in sommelier uniforms with tasting cups hung around their necks.

          2. re: financialdistrictresident

            I have not come across a restaurant that marked up 800% over the current market price of a wine.

            800% markup on a bottle of wine appears to be truly absurd and shocking.

      2. Make sure you make plans for AFTER dinner, because they rush you through dinner quickly.

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        1. re: rifbat

          The didn't rush us through dinner. Maybe that was because they still had a few empty tables when we left at 9:15 PM. We got there at 6:30.

        2. Go for the full tasting menu with wines. I have been there twice. It is still hands down my favorite restaurant in NYC.