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Oct 21, 2007 04:24 PM

Rubashkins Aaron's Best Turkey

Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can buy Rubashkins Aaron's Best Turkey in Seattle? I have checked PCC and Whole Foods, but they are only carrying Diestel. Also, if you have advice on where to get it via mail order - which I have never tried, I am open to that, too.



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  1. Trader Joe's. They don't usually have whole birds, but might as turkey day gets closer.

    1. Albertson's in downtown Mercer Island, or the QFC at U-Village should both have them. PCC in Seward Park likely does as well. Those are the 3 grocery stores with (large/any) Kosher meat departments, which Rubashkins' is.

      Trader Joes has some Kosher meat departments, but I've never seen them carry the whole birds.

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        Trader Joe's carries whole birds for the big day. If you don't mind the cost of shipping you can try they may still have some available.

        1. re: tzippa

          Trader Joe's has them as of today. They have a Trader Joe Glatt Kosher Label. If you look hard you see Rubashkin in very tiny print. They are $1.99/pound.

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        1. You might want to try - its a Kosher Mail order website.
          I know that they carry some amazing kosher turkeys from Marvid. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for I suggest you contact them. There pretty helpful and usually can get you what ever you need.