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Oct 21, 2007 04:11 PM

moonpillows mochi truffles

have any other l.a. hounds discovered these delightful delicacies yet? i tried them at the brentwood farmers' market today, and they're destined to become my newest obsession/addiction.

they're chewy, fluffy pillows of mochi with smooth ganache fillings in a variety of flavors. the ones they had today were: pumpkin spice, key lime, passionfruit, and peanut butter chocolate.

pumpkin spice: "milk chocolate ganache infused with pumpkin and autumn spices, enrobed in cocoa mochi."

passion fruit: "passion fruit-white chocolate ganache enrobed in flavorful passion fruit mochi."

chocolate-peanut butter: "creamy chocolate-peanut butter ganache enrobed in cocoa mochi."

key lime: " key lime-white chocolate ganache enrobed in key lime mochi.

[i think they also might make a green tea variety with white chocolate, but it wasn't there today.]

my favorite flavor combination in the history of the universe is peanut butter and chocolate, so i was bummed that they didn't have any samples, but i did try the pumpkin and the key lime, and they were both heavenly. the texture of the mochi is perfectly fluffy, light and chewy, and the filling is smooth and creamy. they've somehow managed to achieve the ideal balance so that the specialty ingredient [pumpkin, lime, passionfruit, whatever] contributes just enough flavor to announce its presence and enhance the chocolate without overwhelming the palate.

they were a little bit soft and melty due to the glaring sun and near-90-degree heat, but decadent and delicious nonetheless.

they're available in packs of 3, 6, or 12...and while they don't come cheap [i think the prices break down to about $2 per piece], they really are fantastic, and imho, worth every penny for a special treat. i didn't stock up today because i'm headed out of town and they won't freeze well, but i'll be making a beeline for that table on my next trip to the farmers' market in 2 weeks!

oh, the vendor is a mother-daughter team...i primarily spoke to the daughter, and she was positively delightful. sweet, friendly, and incredibly gracious. i'd love to see her make a success of this thing, particularly since the product is so amazing. she told me they'll be at the brentwood market every sunday, so definitely check them out!

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  1. I tried those a couple of months ago at the same venue. A tremendous idea.

    It reminds me of the Coffee Baron in Brentwood Village 20+ years ago. That was the first place I experienced chocolate covered espresso beans. I loved them (for obvious reasons), and then was sad when summer rolled around and they were out of stock, because they would melt in the summer heat.

    I think Moonpillows might be a similarly weather challenged confection. If you can keep them from turning molten, they are a revelation. If not, they can be sticky and overly sweet.

    So, now that winter is nearly upon us, seek them out, enjoy them, and tell a friend. With any luck, they'll be the new Pinkberry-style craze, and someone will create a refrigeration device to keep them perfect.

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    1. re: techbod

      please don't mention these delightful little confections in the same breath as stinkberry ;)

      Sno:LA, on the other hand, is worthy of the association.

      now THAT'S a dangerous combo...the ultimate in fat-free frozen soft-serve plus mochi truffles.

      if Sno:LA started selling moonpillows, i'd be as big as a house!

      p.s. i, too, adore chocolate-covered espresso beans...and peet's [undisputably the best of all coffee chains] carries them year round. so does cooportunity in santa monica, in the bulk section.

    2. Moonpillows are very tasty and the owners are very cool

      1. I'd love to try these since I'm a huge mochi fan. Do they have a website? Are they sold anywhere besides the Brentwood farmers market?

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        1. re: emily

          the web site's not up yet...they're working on it.

          i have no idea if they're at any other farmers' markets, but i have her e-mail address so i'll send her a note & find out for you. i'll re-post as soon as i get an answer.

            1. re: emily


              i just heard's the info from the e-mail:

              "Yes, I actually just started at two other farmers' markets, both of which are in Downtown L.A. On Wednesdays, I'm at the Downtown L.A. Certified Farmers' Market (650 W. 5th Street, LA, CA 90071, between Grand Avenue and Flower Street) ( The market runs from 11 am to 2 pm, but many people actually do come earlier since the vendors need to set up early in the morning.

              On Thursdays from 11 am to 3 pm, I'm at the 7th + Figueroa Certified Gourmet Farmers' Market (725 South Figueroa Street, LA, CA 90017, in the Food Court Atrium on Level M1) ("

              i hope one of them is convenient for you. those things are so delicious!

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                So are these only available at farmers markets? I'd love to try these but I don't think I can make it out to the farmers markets in L.A.

                1. re: aprmayjun

                  so far, yes. hopefully they'll catch on & eventually be available in retail outlets. or maybe once the web site is up & running they'll start shipping. actually, that'd be nice, they'd make a great gift.

        2. Oh, these things are addictive. I likeall the different flavors. I'm not really big on the chocolate and mochi combo, but the strawberry and key lime truffles are wonderful. The mochi is flavored to match the flavor of the filling. I've been to the Brentwood market several times lately and have been dissappointed to not find her there since the first of the year. I hope she hasn't gone away.

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          1. re: slimjd99

            Looks like there's a website now with an ordering option (though only to West LA?).

            1. re: emily

              Thanks so much, emily, for the info. I took advantage of their Moonpillows Friday special and got my first order hand delivered (free) to my house today. The flavors of the week are French Roast, Key Lim, and Chocolate Hazelnut, and they were all very very good. Wonderful flavors and perfect texture! Excellent with a pot of tea or cup of coffee! Can't wait to taste their other flavors!

          2. UPDATE: Moonpillows is now shipping. Overnight in SoCal is only about $8 for a box of 12, so it's not too pricey. Now I finally get to try these!