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Oct 21, 2007 04:05 PM

Looking for more great grilled calamari

I am a regular visitor to the NYC area. We recently discovered and have fallen hard for a restaurant in the Carroll Gardens area called Fragole. Love almost everything there, but one dish that we always, always order is their grilled calamari app.

Before this dish, I wasn't particularly into calamari though I do enjoy most seafood in general. But the usual fried preparation has left me unimpressed in the past. (Nothing against fried foods, just prefer other items.) Fragole's grilled calamari was like a revelation -- charred, almost smoky, and succulent.

I'd love to know how they prepare it, but besides that, what other restaurants in the NYC area serve excellent grilled calamari? Is this a common dish? I can't recall it seeing it on menus very often -- it's almost always fried.

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