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Oct 21, 2007 03:56 PM

Traxx Restaurant

Does anyone have suggestions on what is best at Traxx's Restaurant?

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  1. The last time my husband and I ate at Traxx we enjoyed the mussels appetizer, cooked in a spicy tomato saffron broth. Lovely with sourdough bread. We also sampled the venison carpaccio, served with horseradish dijonais. Had to get it. How often do you see venison carpaccio on a menu in Southern California?! We also had the Roasted Half Chicken Under a Brick with Green Chile Posole, Cilantro-Almond Pesto and Fire Roasted Tortilla. The chicken was moist but I found the flavor of the posole and the pesto just a little too busy for this dish.

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      Yum. That sounds divine. We are looking forward to visiting Traxx this weekend and will definitely keep all of these suggestions in mind.

    2. Their crab cakes with a chipotle sauce are excellent. Also, corkage is reasonable.

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          Seem to recall it was $12 dollars. Might want to give them a call to confirm, though.

      1. Waldorf salad. (Where else are you going to find this?)

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          Actually, you can find Waldorf salads all over LA. Even CPK has one.

        2. For lunch, the grilled vegetable sandwich and burger are good choices. Corn chowder is a solid starter as well.

          1. i tried to go here for dinner last wednesday but they closed at 9pm!

            but the last time i went (about a year ago) i ordered almost exactly the same as brieflunchcounter above... liked all the dishes. i dont think the venison carpaccio was on the menu at the time or i would have ordered it, i think we had the crab cake instead.

            the menu doesnt seem to have changed much at all...