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Oct 21, 2007 02:35 PM

Spicy Hot Pot in New York

I'm looking for a tasty spicy hot pot place in New York. I've been to Grand Sichuan in Chinatown but it sucks. The one in Wu Liang Ye was just okay. Little Lamb in Flushing is pretty good but too far away. Anyone knows where to go for the decent spicy hot pot in Manhattan?

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  1. haven't tried it, but Szechuan Gourmet had it listed as a special on a chalk board (wasn't written in english though)...i think its generally the best sichuan food in manhattan for what its worth

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      Ah! That explains why I saw all these hot pots around but couldn't find it on the menu.

    2. Grand Sichuan International (Midtown location) is supposed to be good.

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      1. Grand sichuan in chinatown by the manhattan bridge does it (on canal street). I think there is a 20 dollar minimum.

        quickly shabu shabu on grand does it too. 12.95 gets you the basic meat plate and a drink.

        I can't really tell what's good or not but I've enjoyed both places. Once I dip the meats into the spicy sauce they mostly taste similiar as my tongue is fairly numb. What's your criteria for judging if it's good or not ?

        1. Theres a mini shabu place on mott street between hester and canal. Beef starts at 8.95.

          1. For someone new to Chinese hot pot, how do you suggest we order?

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              There have been previous posts on this topic, including this one:


              In Manhattan, the Grand Sichuan on Lexington between 33 and 34th has a nice version of Sichuan-style hot pot/huo guo. It is not on their regular menu, you may have to ask for the hot pot or "huo guo" menu if they don't bring it to you at first.

              (for first timers: I believe they have an English huo guo menu if you don't read Chinese. Ask for "white" and "red" pots and then order whatever additions look good to you from the menu.


              The Grand Sichuan in Chinatown on Canal is under different ownership, so your bad experience in Chinatown should not stop you from trying the branch on Lex.

              p.s. It looks like OP is looking for huo guo (Chinese hot pot) not shabu shabu (Japanese hot pot).