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Oct 21, 2007 02:28 PM

In Possession of Hierba / Hoja Santa - ideas

Picked some up yesterday. So far I made a simple caldillo of tomato , a garlic clove, and tiny amount of minced onion. To this I added some shredded chicken I crisped up in an oiled pan. Finished it with a thin julienne of the herb and some cotija sprinkeled at top. Applied to warm tortillas smeared with a slice of avocado.

People jhave talked some much about its kind of haunting flavor - I really can understand now. The light anisette -esqueness I really dig.

Next on the list is DK -s simple eggs fried on the greased leaves - interested in the flavor imparted iinto the eggs.

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  1. i'm not exactly familiar with hierba/hoya santa, but i googled it and got the picture. i have a recipe for Albondigas en Salsa con Hierba Buena. when i googled hierba buena, it said it's pepperment (i've always just used the mint out of my herb garden). SO i realize that they are not the same herbs. but perhaps the hierba santa would be good too?

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      It should work... btw that recipe up there is even more interesting if you use chipotles instead of serranos.

    2. Where did you find it? I haven't found a local source and haven't gotten around to ordering via internet. Although I have tried it at a restaurant.

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        Lola's supermarket in Santa Rosa. Have you checked the berkeley bowl?- I was there last week and amazed by the diversity of their produce offerings.

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          I haven't seen it there, but new stuff shows up all the time. They do carry verdolagas and squash blossoms in the the summertime.

      2. KR... as you know I am a huge fan of Hoja Santa, these are the ways I have encountered it:

        > In Campeche... they like to grill whole Pompanos over the leaves (helps protect the fish & impart flavor).

        > In Southern Veracruz... they make a simple green caldillo or mole & poach the fish in it.

        > At Monte Alban in West L.A.... Hoja Santa imparts the magic flavor in their "Aztec" soup

        > On the Alta Cocina front... you can make this recipe from El Rincon de los Sabores: its fried Squash Blossoms stuffed with Crab... served over a salad of Amaranth greens & a Pasilla-Ancho-Guajillo-Hoja Santa vinaigrette.

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          I should warn the recipe is crafted for Mexico City (7,000+ ft above sea level) so the cooking times would be different here at sea level.

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            En thaks for the reply! How would I go about making the green caldillo - onion, garlic broth, green chilies, HS, and other herbs?

            And were the chilaquiles you spoke of tomato based at all or pure chile and HS?

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              KR... you are close it would be HS, Garlic, Serranos, Fish Stock... other optional thinks could include a bit of masa, white wine... squeez of lime at the end etc.,

              The chilaquiles would be serranos, HS, garlic & chicken broth.

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                Actually I did neglect to mention Epazote which would be another herb that is paired with HS...

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                  what do you think the ratio chiles: HS should be?

                  Where did you have these chilaquiles?

                  1. re: kare_raisu

                    So far I have seen a 4 to 1 ratio (HS to Serranos)

            2. Bringing back an old thread, because I have some whole dried hojas santas that I bought it Oaxaca last June and don't know what to do with them. I hope they still have some flavor! While there, my friend had them on a fish dish that she thought was wonderful (at El NaraƱjo, I think it is called.) The whole leaf was layered on the fish with a sauce. Is there such a recipe around that I could try? Thanks, Dee

              1. Hi! I was so glad to find your post about Hoja Santa. Do you happen to have any dessert recipe ideas for this? I am doing a project in culinary school for this and am having a very hard time finding an actual recipe that has been tested. That is all my project is, to research the herb and find a recipe in use. I would appreciate any info that you can give me. Thanks very much.