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Oct 21, 2007 01:33 PM

Missing something in the "deepsouth"?

I live way, way, way down south and I'm tired of the 'burbs being nothing but dumping grounds for "D" list franchises and crappy pubs. (dont even talk to me about "the kilt") There are some good ones like the Coach and Horse and Cattle Barron isn't too bad either. The KEG is now at 130th, but sometimes I need more than pub fare and steaks.... Am I missing any little gems hiding in the pockets of communities that are South of Heritage? We love heading out to eat but find it time consuming and tiring to always drive back DT or up to the North. Any suggestions?

I have to give a big shout out to LasMariaches (sp?) on McLeod Tr. for the best Mexican in town. No other Mexican restaurant comes close to the true authentic taste this family run gem brings to our city. YUMMY!

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  1. I know what you are saying!! We like a place called MINAS in the Avendida Mall (I think.they all look alike !) for Vietnamese, for good pub food The Red Onion, We also had a good meal at the Royal Thai, its in the same mall as Minas..........Let me know if you come up with something else!!

    1. Karma at 130th is really good for Indian food . I would go back there except I live way, way, North....another wasteland. :)

      1. I live in Cranston and we face the same problem, sometimes we couldn't be bothered to drive into the city. So we often go south to Okotoks and hit cafe Divine 15 mins away. We also like the Pheonix Grill near the Empire 10 cinema off MacLeod, Shawnessy in a pinch.

        1. Thanks everyone for all the input. I think that we have checked out all those places. I really love the Red Onion, we used to love riding the bikes down to the old Eddie to catch some Blues so its great that they have some of the old bands that played there. The Onion has great food too. The new Thia place that is in the old P.F.Chan location is so yummy and spicey!
          We have tried Karma a couple times but it has not impressed us one bit, we found the staff quite rude as well. Does anyone know if the Indian place in Midnipore mall still existis. I think it was called the copper could watch on closed circut TV the tandoor. It was pretty cool.
          Thanks again, hopefully some great places will emerge as the demand grows.

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            There's Moti Mahal in Midnapore (240 Midlake Blvd SE; 201-7336) and if it's as good as the one on 14th St. it's good Indian food. I'd call for reservations first though, it's gets pretty busy, esp. on weekends.

          2. I'm not too far south, but a few of my friends are from down there, so I spend some time in restaurants in the deep south. I've had really good meals from Bill's Peking House on Canyon Meadows just east of McLeod. When I go, I usually go with my Chinese friend whose family knows the owners so that may be why the food we get is really good, but on occasions where he hasn't been with us, it was still pretty good. Better than your average suburban mall Chinese, for sure.

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              I work in the Sundance area and I have been around to try a lot of the places in the south. There are a few hidden gems . . . try Plaka for some awesome greek food! They have a great dinner platter for 2..... or drop by for the lunch specials. VERY GOOD and cheap!
              Also, I normally head downtown or to the North for sushi . . . but I have started to love Sushi Ginza (not the chinook one, but the one in willow park) . . .never been there for supper. But try the sushi & beef kushiage bento box. Can't go wrong with $10.95 for lunch!