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Oct 21, 2007 01:20 PM

Route 81 through Virginia

I'm traveling this route at the end of this week to see may grandparents in Smith Mountain Lake (near Roanoke). Any cheap, good eats recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks for the help.

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  1. There's a good little German restaurant right off interstate 81, exit 213 called Edelwiess Restaurant. It's kind of a unique little place - pretty authentic and they have good German beers on tap. The last time I went there was a whole table of German folks dressed in traditional clothing, playing the accordion and singing. The website has a map:

    Also, Mrs. Rowe's at exit 222 is a sort of 'downhome cooking' place that's been there forever. They also sell fresh baked pies, cookies, etc. if you want to carry something home to the grandparents.

      1. Check out for the Texas Tavern, Roanoke Weiner Stand, Raven's and Bowlings. Hope this helps.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately, I will have to try them on the next visit. I contracted pleurisy and ended up spending my "vacation" at home. I will report back next time I visit. I've seen Pink Cadillac and Mrs. Rowes, but have not heard of the others. I look forward to trying them out.