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Oct 21, 2007 12:24 PM

Bar Pies from the Lynwood Cafe, Randolph

I ran down to the Lynwood Cafe today to grab bar pizzas for the football game. Definitely a heckuva bar pie as usual--delicious personal pizzas with a browned (and slightly chalky) cracker-like crust, a hearty sauce, a nice mix of cheeses, and a good amount of oil on top. That, plus the $7.00 price for each pie, and the fact that I was called "honey" about 3 times in 10 seconds made for another memorable pizza experience from the Lynwood.

It's a tough call as to whether the Lynwood is my favorite bar pizza, but (IMO) it's at about the same level as Monte's in Lynn, The Alumni Cafe in Quincy, and La Hacienda in Somerville,and a little better than the New Brown Jug in Chelsea, Doyle's in JP, and Cronin's in Quincy.

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  1. I'll second the Lynwood Cafe as the best of the South Shore style bar pizzas I've ever had. Two Brockton spots, Cape Cod Cafe and Christo's, also do a worthy version of this, while the one at Town Spa in Stoughton was a disappointment. Haven't tried the other ones on your list. Too much food, too little time!

    1. Lynnwood beats out Monte's and the Almuni...never been to La Hacienda. I would add Ames Plowe in Faneuil Hall of all places, for a good bar pizza.