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Oct 21, 2007 12:16 PM

dessert at il moro

my friend and i stopped at il moro for dessert on friday night.
we ordered two things: a chocolate cake and Torta Di Mele
(Homemade apple tart with a sweet balsamic caramel sauce)

the chocolate cake, was as dense as a chocolate truffle candy, but somehow didn' t have a strong chocolate flavor. we ended up leaving most of this on the plate.

but the apple tart--this was a different story.
it was PERFECT--absolutely SUBLIME
the combination of richness, sweetness, saltiness, and tartness made for the best execution of this type of dessert i have ever experienced.

imho, this one dessert catapults il moro into the next league up.

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  1. Try their chocolate semifreddo and their crema de vaniglia - absolutely sublime. Il Moro is my favorite LA Italian restaurant - and I continue to find new reasons to hold that opinion.

    1. I dined there with a friend on Saturday night, we shared the chocolate creme brulee -- it had fairly deep cocoa flavors w/o being overly sweet, dense or heavy, so it was good.

      I am, however, a bit amazed/puzzled by their assortment of dessert offerings, there were about 5 chocolatey desserts offered (not that I am complaining . . . but it is unusual to see a place offer more than 2 choco things).