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Oct 21, 2007 12:14 PM

What is in season at Christmas in Italy?

I am spending Christmas in Venice - this is my 5th (or is it 6th?) visit, and I know where we will probably eat - but what foods should I be looking out for late December?
Last time I was there this time of year I'm pretty sure some of the seafood was frozen - so what should be fresh and good? (seafood and veggies in particular).

(fyi - last time I was there at Christmas the best meal I ate was at Corta Sconta, where we ate the seafood appetisers (all 4 waves of them), and I followed with pasta with white truffles grated over the top at the table, then treviso ice-cream. That's raddichio ice-cream - how could I not order it? Wierd but yummy.... )

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  1. Actually, I am spending Christmas just north of Venice, near Treviso, and the one thing that I am looking most forward to is Raddichio di is different than the one found in North America. But look for it in Risottos, in braised dishes, grilled. At my boyfriend's house, it is eaten almost at every meal because it is not in season for too long and it is just soooo delicious. Have your fill!!! and have fun!!!

    1. Panettone, awesome christmas cookies at that bakery just off of Campo San Stefano.