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Oct 21, 2007 12:06 PM

Simi Valley-Bakery

I never thought I would say these words but yes, Simi has a bakery that just opened up
2 weeks ago. After speaking to the owner today he mentioned they are concetrating on their pastries (*right now*) not breads, danish's or croissants as I hoped they would. While I was there two people were ordering wedding cakes which look gorgeous.

I sampled a triple chocolate cake, napoleon, chocolate chip cheese cake and breadpudding.

The TCK was so so good as was the napoleon. I am sorry to say that didn't care for the rest of ther items. The BP was mushy and made with some unusual ingredient. It also had a strange texture that just turned me off. The CCCK was awful-it was of a terribly hard texture and the flavor was nothing like I have in cheesecakes of any kind.

I will be back but in about a month when they have settled in and start making breads. They seem nice enough, concerned for the customers wants and are working around the clock to get everything right.

House Of Sweets Bakery
4370 Cochran at Tapo St (not Tapo Cyn)
Next to Ken of Japan and TuTu's shaved ice.

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  1. Please keep us posted on future visits to the new bakery!

    Also I've been to TuTu's a couple of times and really wanted to like it but the syrups that they use on the Shave Ice was awful, tasted to me like the artificial flavor snow cone stuff!

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      #1 -- shouldn't this thread be about the bakery?
      #2 -- I've been to Tutu's a lot. They don't have snow cones, nor snow cone syrup.

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          fyi pick, tu tu's does sell shaved ice..

          1. re: simigal

            Yes, that's right. What I was trying to say was that they do NOT have snow cones -- they DO have shaved ice, which is most certainly better than junky snow cones. And, since they have shaved ice, they do NOT have snow cone syrup. Furthermore, their syrup is GOOD.

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              Just an addition to my original post

              Now...I really want to like this place and want a decent bakery in a town where most everyone thinks Von's is a real bakery. I placed an order for challah four days ago and I gave them my phone number in case they were unable to make the it. I walked in today for my challah and the woman said they had too many holiday orders to make my challah. Today is after the holiday btw. Nobody baked last night? They never bothered me to call me. I asked if this was good business practice in her opinion. She replied no it wasn't and offered no excuse. I told her I was upset and left and would not return. I went over to Pavillions where they had tons of challah and bought my challah there.

              I am dumfounded why anone would spend ten of thousands of dollars to open a business and then offer such service.

              1. re: SIMIHOUND

                Not that this is the total cure to the bakery issue in Simi, but Panera Bread is going into a space in the "Reds BBQ" center on Alamo.

      1. i had that chocolate chip cheesecake AND the bread pudding and it was just wonderful. you probably think their bread pudding tasted weird, which is what me friend thought when we ate it at the store but they told me it had orange peels in it and i tried it and it was wonderful. their bagueattes and different breads were pretty good too. it went really well with my soup that one night. i ordered a cake a couple weeks later for my friends 30th birthday, with fresh strawberries and some kind of whip cream. i must say, it was beyond delicious. their products are different, yeah, but its just because we're so used to the same old things they sell at vons. this bakery is outstanding, as is tutu's. their snow cones are just fine leave the woman alone.

        1. I recently went to the House of Sweets for the very first time, and bought lemon bars, nut bars, mini-eclairs, and brownies for a garden party. Everything was delicious and a big hit with my guests.