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Oct 21, 2007 11:51 AM

Looking for delicious food in the Orlando area

Hello. My husband and I will be in the area for business from Thursday morning leaving Sunday evening. We will only have dinners available for Thursday and Friday, and need to find places for lunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday. We'll be staying at the Sheraton North in Maitland on Thursday evening and at the Ritz Carlton Friday and Saturday. We will be renting a car. This is what we have so far:

Thursday dinner -- Ravenous Pig (only five miles from Sheraton North)
Friday dinner -- ?
Saturday lunch -- ?
Saturday dinner -- Norman's
Sunday lunch and dinner -- eating at the Epcot food and wine festival

Upon reading the boards, I don't really see a huge endorsement for anything other than the Ravenous Pig. Is it that wonderful that we should return on Friday night? The food totally sounds up our alley. Or are there any other gems that Orlando has to offer? We eat anything, as long as it is good. We're interested in trying a good place for stone crabs, if you know of any (no Shula's -- DH has been there before and wasn't too crazy about it). On Saturday, we will probably be in the Disney area -- so we would probably prefer to stay nearby.

Thanks to all!

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  1. Primo at the Marriott (which is right next to the Ritz) would be an excellent choice for Friday night. There are several reviews about Primo on this board if you do a quick search. Also, downtown Winter Park has some great choices--Bosphorous, Luma, Cafe De France, Park Plaza Gardens...

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      Thanks for the recommendations. I think we will do Primo on Friday night. For Saturday lunch, I think we'll stay in the Disney complex if possible for logistical reasons. It seems that most of the better place aren't open for lunch. We're thinking of either Raglan Road or Fulton's Crab House.

      I'm also a bit concerned about the Epcot Food Festival. I've been to festivals like this where the food sounds interesting, but doesn't taste as good as it sounds. Lots of stuff have been premade, etc. I really hate premade food unless turnover is very high -- or it's food that can withstand being premade. Is the Epcot Food Festival like what I'm describing?

      1. re: Miss Needle

        I've always enjoyed the food at the Epcot food festival but I do think most of it is premade unless of course you go to Party for the Senses (an additional cost and only on Sat). There is a topic on this year's festival on the Fl. Board if you want some feedback or check out
        If you decide not to do the food and wine - I hear that Victoria and Albert's is amazing at the Grand Floridian.
        If you do decide to try some places in Winter Park - I second the Bosphorous recommendation from mish as well as Chez Vincent - intimate and very tasty.

        1. re: Miss Needle

          I would avoid Fulton's way over priced with spotty service. Love Primo it is our favorite spot in Orlando.