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Oct 21, 2007 11:13 AM

Need recs for great food in Savannah...

I posted on the "south" board with no results, so I'm reaching out to all you angelenos. Does anyone have any good recs for Savannah. I will be there for a few days next month?

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  1. I so miss Savannah, great historical city to live in, as well as great food. Anyway here are the best places I went to on a regular basis for over five years.

    Vinnie Van Go Go, 317 W Bryan St, Savannah, GA 31401
    (912) 233-6394
    317 W Bryan St, Savannah, GA 3140
    (great pizza located in the historic district


    The Tea Room
    7 E. Broughton St., Savannah
    (912) 239-9690
    (great ambience as well as great sandwiches, finger food)

    The Lady and Sons
    Address: 102 W. Congress St., Savannah, GA
    # Phone: 912/233-2600
    (the most well known southern restuarant in savannah, some seriously good southern food, but all the tourist's go there so call ahead


    Crab Shack at Chimney Creek
    40-A Estill Hammock Rd., Tybee Island
    (912) 786-9857
    (my favortive place, just a little outside of savannah on the way to tybee, the seafood is amazing! they bring out one huge platter for the whole group to eat, the location is amazing as well.Fantastic.


    Also on the waterfront in the historic district there is a great place to get pecan pies, and the turtles are amazing.

    also check out the ghost tours through downtown, they take you to all of the cool haunts of savannah, here are the good ones
    (a great haunted pub tour


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      I found The Lady and Sons to be mediocre cafeteria style food catering to tourists and those who mistake quantity for quality. Seriously wayyyyyyyyy overhyped and disappointing.

      1. re: Goomba

        goomba, I think you right on that one, I meant

        Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room
        107 West Jones St.

        instead of lady, don't know how I got that one wrong...

      2. re: traumahound

        Great list! Thanks so much for the info. My friend who I will be visiting is new in town, but already found The Lady and Sons pretty bad, but loves the Tea House and the candy company. Can't wait to try out your other picks! Cheers from Los Angeles

      3. Was there this past spring and ended up at the Old Pink House. Loved it- great food, great service, great atmosphere. Exactly what we had hoped to find- good southern food with a creative twist.

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          check out Sapphire. It's Zagat rated and nice

        2. Sweet Leaf's
          aVida Restauruant & Wine Bar
          Elizabeth on 37th
          Mellow Mushroom
          45 Bistro

          1. Lady and Sons is totally overrated

            ELIZABETHS ON 37TH - one of the best meals of my life. i highly recommend.