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Oct 21, 2007 09:15 AM

New Sushi Restaurant in Brookline

Hello, last month I read in the Improper Bostonian that there is a new sushi restaurant in Brookline. Does anyone know the name of it? Does anyone know if it is any good?

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  1. on babcock, just off harvard st, right? my brother tried it an liked it alot... i intend to try it for lunch soon.

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      Thanks for the review...any idea what the name of the restaruant is?

    2. Walked by it today. It's in the old Firenza spot.

      1. First off, I have to say that the food at Shiki is just lovely...lovely to look at, to eat, to contemplate. However, I would also suggest that you never go there if you are in the remotest kind of hurry.....Shiki's chef is one of the best Japanese chefs in the Boston area- the dishes are all subtle, harmonious, lovely and delicious. They have an extensive, interesting sake selection and a nice little bar to sit to enjoy their sake tastings. Everyone is pleasant and the decore is really very nice. The dishes are creative and yet remind me of food I've had at some of the new trendy izakaya that are now popular in Japan (sort of the Japanese version of London's new "gastro-pubs....can I say "gasto-iz"?). The only cause for complaint would be that the service was so awe inspiringly incompetent. They were slow, disorganized (my miso soup came 2 1/2 hours after our initial order...bizarrely, my dining companions clam soup came mid-meal...). The restaurant is so nice and the folks so pleasant that even the frustration over a meal where each dish came 20 minutes apart didn't totally ruin my desire to return. I'm hoping others won't be turned against this very lovely addition to Boston's Japanese dining options.

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          Just to put it in places. Thanks for the reports

          9 Babcock Street, Brookline, MA

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            i've been back a couple of times (when it was less crowded: late lunch, after dinner snacks and drinks)- the service was so friendly and good humored, and everything was prepared and served promptly... this _is_ a really nice addition to the area and i hope that first experience was the exception the the rule!

          2. I've finally had a chance to stop in again (the post about my original visit is linked above) Went on Sat night at about 7-- they were somewhat busy, but we managed to get a table for two without any waiting. Once we ordered, the food was indeed a bit slow to come, but once it did, the dishes came in a relatively steady progression. (We weren't in a hurry, so it was fine to sit and drink beer and wait!)

            The dishes:
            --eel millefeuille: tasty eel, in layers with slightly broiled yamaimo slices. (the menu says nagaimo, i think, but this was tastier!)
            -- veggie tempura (fine-- competently prepared)
            --scallop salad wrapped in smoked salmon: this was the winning dish of the evening. (it was suggested to us as a substitution for scallop mousse, which they were out of). the scallops are mixed with a little bit of mayo, and wrapped in smoked salmon, with a couple capers--and, to keep it seasonal, a little bit of cranberry sauce for decoration :)
            -- ebi w/mayo: very simple dish (pan fried shrimp), with lemon and mayo. nicely seasnoned
            -- yamakake (tuna)-- i thought the yamaimo could have been grated a little more finely to make it more smooth/creamy/slimy, but i like yamakake in pretty much any form :)
            -- tarako onigiri-- the tarako was nice, but the rice was a bit mushy/falling apart. i have a theory that they use kagayaki brand rice, which has this consistency in my experience.

            With a large asahi, the bill came to $48
            Overall, I think the dishes this time were better than on my previous visit (though the iwashi-ume dish is still my favorite of my two visits) I hope their sushi uses better rice than their onigiri-- so far I've steered away from the sushi, though the sushi selection at the table next to us looked nicely arranged.