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Oct 21, 2007 08:55 AM

Weekend Farmers Market (besides Harvard?)

Hi! I'm coming down to Boston for the weekend from Hanover, NH and I would like to fit in a farmers' market visit since I'll be missing my last Norwich, VT market of the year. I've read about the Harvard Square one on Saturday, and I definitely can hop on the T and go over there, but I'd rather go to one over around where I'll be (beacon hill/ boston commons). Any options? Thanks!

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  1. The official list of Massachusetts farmer's markets is available on line at You'll find that the Harvard Square market (at the Charles Hotel) is actually on Sunday afternoon, not Saturday.

    There are a few other markets in the neighborhood -- a modest one in Cambridgeport in the shadow of Trader Joe's on Saturday afternoons; one in Union Square in Somerville on Saturday mornings from 9 am to 1 pm; a South End market from 10 am to 5 pm and several others. And there's always the Haymarket which is open from dawn to dusk on weekends for local color, if not fresh local produce.

    1. Depending on when your weekend starts, there are a few T-accessible options.

      If you're coming in Friday, Copley Square is one of the best Boston farmer's markets. It goes until 6pm. You shouldn't have much problem finding Copley Square.

      On Sunday there's the South End Open Market from 11-5, which has a few farm stands but is more of a crafts and antiques fair. It's a bit of a hike from the Boston Common, but you can take the Silver Line Bus to Union Park and then walk down Waltham Street by the school one block to find it.

      A little bit further afield is a market in Cambridgeport. Only four farms usually, but I've found them to be some of the best. Take the Green B (Boston College) line to BU West, walk over the BU Bridge to cross the river to Cambridge, and then turn left onto Memorial Drive. The market is in a parking lot on the left at the next intersection with Magazine Street. It runs 11-2.

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        I wasn't aware that there was a market in Cambridgeport. I live in Somerville and go to the one in Union Square most weekends, but it's nice to know what other options are out there. How late in the season does Cambridgeport run? Do they have a good variety of things even though it is small?

      2. Belmont is also accessible by T (commuter rail), and The Farm School sells here on a regular basis. OK, I'm biased because Sproggie is a student farmer, but their arugula is certainly empress among the Queen of lettuces. Squashes are also exceptionally good.