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Oct 21, 2007 08:19 AM

Rikes! Scooby Snacks for 70-100

Hey, gang, little BB2's best friend's mom and I are, like, throwing a Scooby birthday for our sons' 5th birthdays and we're totally trying to figure out the scooby snacks, man . Party is over the lunch hour (between 12-3) on an outdoor tennis court. Between 70 and 100 guests -- adults and kids (about 50/50 split -- poss a few more adults) -- Rikes!

Friend's mom is baking her spectacular cupcakes w/Scooby rings on top. I'm thinking tuna casserole for the retro angle. What else do you meddling kids got for me?

We have access to a groovy kitchen (two ovens) and chafing dishes. Keys are easy, economical and not excessively messy (ie, spagetti and meatballs got the thumbs down).

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  1. Don't forget to grab the graham cracker Scooby Snacks shaped like dog bones. Oh...husband just recommended sub sandwiches. And anything that will cure the "munchies."

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      So funny, was thinking of getting one of those 6 foot subs from subways and billing it as The World's Biggest Ham sandwich. Also found a place that sells the dog-bone scooby snacks in bulk for the goody bags. So we're definitely on the same page. When I was in college my big munchie-craving foods were Ben and Jerry's Peanut chocolate peanut butter cookie dough ice cream and chicken cutlet subs. Mmm. Trying to think of easyish things to make that will can feed a lot of people and fit the same general vibe -- but have to admit that my munchie days were not filled with a lot of home-cooking. Was all about the junk food.

    2. If you are going for retro what about cheese puffs? Not too messy, and who doesn't like cheese? (my husband : )

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        Never had before -- but love the sound of it. Just looked up a few recipes and got a little panicky at the mention of pastry bags, which I'm entirely unfamiliar with. Are these tricky to make?

        1. re: bite bite

          No, you don't have to use pastry bags, you can just drop spoonfuls onto the baking sheet.

      2. How about little pizzas, maybe on french bread? Easily cut into two-or-three-bite chunks.