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Oct 21, 2007 08:14 AM

Thai for Birthday Party

I'm looking for any suggestions for a great Thai restaurant for a birthday party for my wife. I'd like something a little more upscale than the usual. She's a big fan of Holy Basil but I'm not sure if they have enough room to accommodate us (10-15 people). Neighborhood isn't really important, the food and ambience are the key.


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  1. Prem-On Thai is worth a look.

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    1. re: big o

      yep, Prem-On is probably your best standard advice to the OP's question would be to not eat Thai in Manhattan at all, but given the OP's affection for HolyBasil, i agree that Prem-On fits the bill as being a little more festive, slightly upscale, etc...when i've gone there i've usually had them cook me simpler stuff that's not on the menu and/or request to eat that day's staff meal and it's been good compared to other places in Manhattan

      1. re: Simon

        If you're down on Thai in Manhattan would you have any other recommendations along the lines above? The group for the party is into Asian food (Thai, Vietnamese, etc.) and it also seems to be the best way to satisfy a variety of tastes (we have some carnivores as well as strict vegans).

        1. re: pdlug

          hi. i really do think you'll have fun at Prem-On -- it fits the criteria perfectly and might be a charming place for a b-day. All my fav Chinese and Vietnamese places are pretty downscale and prob not what you want for this dinner.

          If you go there, be sure to post back and let us all know how the dinner went.

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            In Woodside Queens is Sripraphai, which is generally regarded as the best Thai restaurant in New York. It's big enough for your group and if the weather holds they have a nice outdoor dining space.

            1. re: fgf

              Thanks, I considered Sripraphai but I ambiance/decor is important for this event and it's probably going to rain friday night. I made a reservation at Prem-On, I'll post back with results.

      2. When are you planning the party for? Holy Basil does accomodate large parties every night, except Fridays and Saturdays.

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          It's going to be this friday night so that would be a problem.

        2. Zaab City is small but could probably accommodate 10-15 if you call in advance. Most importantly the food is better than the food at Holy Basil.

          1. Kittichai is great if you want ambience and the food is good too although not the typical thai dishes. I also really like Toons in the west village, much smaller but very nice and the food is very good.

            1. I had my birthday party at Holy Basil many years ago. They put together a large table in what used to be the smoking section. Another thought is Sriprapthai in Queens. Upscale it is not but the food is exceptional. I threw my husband a birthday party there in May and it was great. They let us reserve for about 16 people on a Saturday and I could even bring my own cake.