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Oct 21, 2007 08:12 AM

Melbourne area: Best grocers, specialty markets

Hi everyone -- we are planning to move from LA to Melbourne Beach area sometime early next year.

I've been doing a lot of research online, and I've been to the area several times, so I already know it's going to be a change from LA, but we're ready for it!!!

Question: There seem to be some specialty markets in the area. I saw the Web site for Green Turtle, which looked interesting, and I noticed there seem to be a lot of Asian markets in town, which surprised me....

Also -- which "mainstream grocery store" is the best? I've been to several Publix in Florida, and I see that quality can vary greatly. Which is the best in the Melbourne area? By "best," I mean selection of produce, unusual foods, bakery, service deli, cleanliness, etc.

Sad to say, we will miss our Trader Joe's!! (Those of you who have been to a TJ's will know what I mean!)

Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. We live in LA and have a condo in MB. Congratulations, it is such a lovely place, although the severe weather has caused us a lot of worry and expense in the last 4 years. I love it there though and envy your move.

    In MB proper, the Publix on A1A is our do to for groceries. It is a nice market and certainly ranks with the Vons, I shop at in Hermosa Beach. The bakery is especially good, the service deli is not bad, while the produce is the weakest part. It is very convenient for us as it is only a mile from the house, so I rarely venture past it for groceries, especially during a hot day.

    I do like to visit the Target Superstore on 95. It is huge and they have a full grocery store inside, with a bakery. I go there to get my Target fix. It is a lot of fun.

    I like the Green Turtle-good for specialty items and once in a while treats. There was a thread on Asian markets, which you can search for on this board. If I find it, I will send you the link.

    Everytime we visit, I fed ex myself a box or two of TJ must-haves. You will have to enlist a relative or friend to do this for you.

    Off the subject-for Pizza, try Bizarro's (amazing) and for the best soft serve ice cream-Moo's.

    Good luck to you!

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      1. re: Densible

        Thanks for the list (below). I think I missed it because I've been searching here under "Melbourne" not "Brevard." Some good items on there, I'll have to check out.

        thanks for the tip on Super Target -- I've never actually been to the Super version, so I'm kind of excited to see. (Note to folks in other parts of the country: West LA is weird like that....) Interesting that they have a good bakery -- something else I never would have expected!

        Say, isn't there a Wild Oats (soon to be a Whole Foods) in Melbourne? That seems promising, too...

        My parents live in Vero, and I understand that Publix is opening an all-organic store there, so maybe when I'm in Vero visiting the folks that will also be a shopping option..

        As for TJ's, I'll actually be traveling to LA for business every couple of months, so I'll have to stock up when I'm back in town!

        The other thing we are considering: How I can bring back In N Out burgers on the plane -- I'm thinking a little carry-on cooler might do the trick. Hope the burgers will travel OK.

        Thanks again for all the tips== this was very helpful!

        1. re: Densible

          I'm assuming that the Bizarro's you mention is the one on the beach at Indiatlantic? As an ex-NYer, that was my favorite until we found Brooklyn Pizza & Pasta. They now get my vote as best NYC style pie in the county. It's in Viera (on the NW corner of Murrel & Viera), so if won't be your local spot if you live Beachside

          1. re: cavandre

            I like that one as it is closest but my fav is the one on Wickham, near Nasa (I think that is the street). It is so very very good. Thinnest crust with perfect balance of sauce to cheese. When we visit we always stop there on the way in to town and on the way put of town. I will certainly try Brooklyn next time as we are passionate about pizza and love to find better (although hard to imagine better Than Biz's on Wickham.)

        2. As transplanted NY'ers, we too miss TJ. They're in Georgia now, so there's hope!

          We live up in Suntree, so we can't give you much input on grocery stores Beachside. We're close to the Super Target (at I-95 & Wickham), so we can second that recommendation.

          For specialty shops, in addition to the Green Turtle you might also check out one of the Petty's Meat Markets. But you'll have to leave the Beachside as both of them are one the Mainland side (One on Babcock & the other's on North Wickham). Good meats, cheeses, wines & deli. They regularly sell Boar's Head products cheaper than the Publix "sale" price. You also might check out Downtown Produce for produce(duh!) and also wine, beer and other special items. (it's on Creel St. in Melbourne).

          While you didn't mention restaurants, we can highly recommend Scott's on Fifth, which is relatively close to your new location ( ).

          Welcome to the area!

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          1. re: cavandre

            I agree with you on Petty's!


            1. re: cavandre

              I too lament the state of our grocery stores in Florida. I can't really vouch for Trader Joe's, but I would have a hard time believing that it's any better than Texas' HEB Central Market! The Central Market is my foodie-utopia!

              I would love to get them to come over to Florida!

            2. Heavy medication is the only way to get over TJ. I moved back to Florida from San Diego a few years back and miss TJ's. There isn't anything on the same level as it in Central Florida and and nothing close on the coast. The Green Turtle is about the best gourmet market in town. There is another place called Petty's in Suntree that is very good, but very small. Both places have a decent selection, but they are limited on variety.

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              1. re: bkhuna

                I emailed Trader Joe's about a month ago to ask if they had plans for conquering Florida. They replied that they don't have any plans to open stores here in the foreseeable future. I think they would make a killing here. Maybe if more people emailed them?

              2. One other place to look for good meats and some other specialities is Wassi's Market. Again it is not on the beach, but on Wickham Road, just south of Sarno.


                1. Thanks for all the great ideas -- you've mentioned several places I didn't kinow about, so this is very helpful!

                  So nobody mentioned the Wild Oats...Is that a decent store? Anybody heard any scuttlebutt as to whether Whole Foods will keep it open (I sure hope so!)

                  Thanks again -- we're really looking forward to the move!

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                  1. re: Neely_Ohara

                    Unfortunately, the Wild Oats in Melbourne (US 192) has closed. There is a "Nature Works" Health Food Store on US 1 (Near Ballard Dr.).