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Oct 21, 2007 07:21 AM

Maximillien's Review

I went to Maximilliens for the first time during lunch on Saturday with my parents. As you enter, the small, welcoming room, you feel instantly transported to a bistro in Paris despite the view of ferries lazily taking cars across the Sound. The food is consistently good as the three entrees we ordered were all done exceptionally well. The onion soup was deliciously sweet with traditional slices of baguette topped with Gruyere. The salads were fresh with a thin sheen of light vinagarette. The crab omellet had a wonderful fresh crab taste complimented by mushrooms, fluffy egg and gruyere. The Coq au Vin was extremely rich and perfect for a fall day. The steak au poive was served with good but not memorable french fries, however, the peppercorn cream sauce was outstanding. The creme brulee was creamy and sweet with specks of vanilla throughout. Service was professional and prompt.

My parents say that ever since the closing of Cassis, they haven't been able to find a french bistro that is warm and inviting (sorry Le Pichet).

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  1. i find it helps to ask for extra crispy fries when you order the bavette steak (the fries there used to be more consistent). Mussels there are also good.

    1. I've always loved their mussels and boullaibasse, and you're right about the warm and inviting atmosphere. They have beautifully aged wood tables and chairs which really add to the charm, though I've always felt maybe the ceilings were unusually low.

      Cassis was great. Anyone know where the chef went?

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        I went here last weekend for dinner seeking reasonably priced bistro fare like the mussels and coq au vin that they are well-known for. I should have paid closer attention to the different menus (and different areas of the space), because the dinner menu offered was very different, for the most part more formal french, e.g. the monkfish with brandy cream sauce, potatoes and baby carrots I ordered ($29), and the steak frites with gorgonzola sauce my wife had ($32). While this food was quite good (except for the botched crab "gratin" appetizer ($16!)), it just wasn't what I was looking for at the time. Had I wanted to drop that much cash, I would have gone elsewhere. The service was very competent though, and when they were out of the sparkling cremant we wanted, they traded up to a very nice limoux.

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          I've been going there for maybe 25 years now, and it still is one of my faves in town. just delicious and wonderful.

      2. I love their brunch menu.