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Oct 21, 2007 06:43 AM

Slight Downhill Alert-Nha Trang

Was a huge fan, especially when on jury duty. Went back for the first time in a long time and ordered my usual-spring rolls, pork chops, crispy squid and frogs' legs. All very good but i took exception to the rolls which had visibly shrunk in size compared to my memory and the frogs' legs were all choped up rather than whole legs as I remembered. Still tasty but a little disapponiting. N.B. tried the Center Street location for the first time rather than Baxter. Could that have anything to do with it?

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  1. I've been a long time fan of Nha Trang Center, but it must be months now since we don't enjoy it as much and therefore, not so often either. Their original cook left and the food has been ok at its best and strange at its worst - for ex., there's a soup we always get, the seafood and vegetables - been raving about that forever; it's basically an amazing pho sort of broth without noodles, just seafood and crispy veggies. well, this one time it came out surprisingly spicy. And not that I mind spicy, it's just that it's not the soup that I enjoyed so many times. They graciously took it back and brought us another soup, but it was some sort of signal that someone in the kitchen is messing up.

    The other longtime favorite, salt and pepper shrimp, it's just not the same anymore either. So all in all, I have to agree with you that is going downhill.

    I should mention that I never liked the Baxter location, tried them a few times over the years and just finally gave up on them. If you were a Baxter fan, you might not have loved the Center even in their excellent days.

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      We went back for the aforementioned soup and I'm happy to say that everything we had was excellent. I won't cross Nha Trang off my list yet.

    2. That's a shame. I think someone else on here had mentioned that it wasn't as good. When I taught ESL, I had a Vietnamese student take me there because it was the best and most authentic. But that was several years ago.

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        Oh, I didn't see you were talking about the one on Centre Street. Glad to hear (below) that the Baxter Street location is still up to snuff. Love their crispy fried squid.

      2. ive never been to the center st. location - i've been going to the baxter st. one forever and it seems fairly consistent to me. i've heard the baxter one is a little better, which is why i've never tried the center street one. i've tried cong ly lately at the reccomendation of people on this board. i found their pho to be eeeeeeever so slightly better than nha trang, i think the broth makes the difference. i'd still go back to nha trang for other stuff though since i think their menu is a little bit broader. heard hte summer rolls, which are one of my favs, are better at nha trang.