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Oct 21, 2007 02:14 AM

Wedding Banquet Menu - Korean style

My wife and I prepared foods for a Korean wedding today and I thought I would share the menu. Also I am curious as to what other ethnic themed foods are served at wedding banquets.
Korean Wedding banquet
Bulgogi 불고기 - Korean style marinated beef stir fried with a few vegetables
Chop Che 잡채 - Stir fried sweet potato starch noodle with vegetables
Dak-Nalgae 매운닭날개 - Spicy Korean fried chicken wings
Hongeohoe 홍어회 - Spicy Raw Flying Fish (actually lightly steamed)
Ojingohoe 오징어회 - Spicy Raw Squid (actually lightly steamed)
Sigeumchi 시금치나물 - Blanched spicy seasoned spinach
Dotorimuk 도토리묵 - Acorn Jelly
Jokbal 족발 - Boiled and jellied pork hocks
Dweji PaJeon 돼지 파전? - A crisp pancake made with pork, scallion, onion, and sesame leaf
Gossari Namul 고사리나물 - Stir fried fiddlehead fern sprout
Bo Ssam 보쌈 - Boiled pork belly with kimchi (spicy Napa cabbage)
Doraji Namul 도라지 나물 - Stir fried bellfower root
tuigim variety 튀김 - A variety of fried fish, meats, and vegetables

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  1. Wow! Quite a spread! That must have been a lot of work for you both. At my Korean wedding banquet in LA (Yong Su San), we had:

    Ho Bak Jook -- pumpkin porridge
    Gye Ja Che -- jelly fish with asian pears and cucumbers in mustard
    Kaesong Che Na Mool -- sweet sour spicy mixed salad of beansprouts, water cress, radish
    Chung Po Mook -- Clear soft jelly pasta of mungbeans marinated and mixed with beef mushrooms sprinkled with crushed seaweeds.
    Ku Jul Pan -- nine ingredient served with thin crepe.
    Kaesong Bo Sam Kimchi
    Sae Woo Tui Gim -- Crispy deep fried king-prawn.
    Seng Ya Che -- Fresh green salad in a special sesame dressing.
    Kalbi Jim -- Tender short rib fillet marinated in a sweet soy sauce
    Daen Jhang Ji Gae -- fermented soy bean casserole
    Su Jung Kwa & Yak Kwa -- Persimmon punch made of fresh ginger, cinnamon and honey, and ginger cookie

    It was a bit different from the Korean food that I'm used to as I believe it was North Korean (I'm half North Korean) and I'm used to eating South Korean foods.

    As my husband is ABC, we also had a Chinese wedding banquet in San Francisco which consisted of eight dishes (a lot that I don't remember), but included abalone, shark's fin soup, lobster, Peking duck and steamed fish.

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    1. re: Miss Needle

      It was a lot of work. Good thing we had some commercial equipment to work with.
      Your banquet sounds pretty good too!

    2. no yuk hwe? (: I have never heard of pigs feet at a korean wedding, is that traditional? I think I want to make some pigs feet next weekend

      1. well, that puts things into perspective for me. i was feeling stressed about preparing kalbi jjim and either japchae or bindaettok for 12 people at a very informal dinner tomorrow. now that the ribs are about to simmer for a couple hours while i lazily prep the veggies, i can take in the scope of making ALL that food you and your wife made. my little ribs are nothing in comparison.

        although it has turned into this weird persia vs. korea dinner. a friend is making a bunch of persian food and all of a sudden its like a soccer match. i actually sent this text message earlier tonight: "you think korea is afraid of saffron? BAH!"

        oh. would you be willing to talk about your bo ssam? it's on the list of foods i want to learn how to make. should this be on the home cooking board?

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          1. re: augustiner

            bossahm. <drools...>

            with fresh oysters. <more drools...>

          2. A must for every korean wedding is head cheese. It's pretty ubiquitous.