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Oct 21, 2007 12:20 AM

Which has a shorter line for Sunday Brunch - Prune or Clinton Street?

I want to line up at 10am to get in, but want to pick the one with the shorter line so I don't have to go as early. Which one would have a shorter line at 10am for Sunday Brunch, Prune or Clinton Street Baking Company?


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  1. We've shown up at Prune just a few minutes before their 10 am opening time for a weekeknd brunch and were able to get a table for 2.

    We've not been to CSB earlier than 11 am..

    1. Clinton St. but very slightly I think, as they have people lined up before 10am and if you get there after the first seating at 10:01am, you're screwed. I also think that Clinton Street's menu is more accessible which is why there's a little bit of a longer line.

      You should really line up around 9:45am at either one of these places.

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