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Oct 20, 2007 09:08 PM

Maxwell's 148

Went to dinner tonight with two DC's, had the Pho Max soup and Tuna Tataki as apps. Both were OK For entrees, we had Lobster Pad Thai, Chicken Paillard and Laquered Duck Breast - good chunks of lobster meat in the pad thai, moist chicken and OK duck. My main issue is the price points for such a confused menu. We clarified with the server that the cuisine is "South Asian w/ Northern Italian" - huh??? All of our entrees were just OK - the accompaniment with the duck breast was Chinese take-out quality. I passed one of the chef's on the way back from the restroom, he asked how the meal was and I said "Eh, it was OK". The maitre'd came over moments later and asked for specifics - the problem was, it just wasn't that good - nothing specific to note actually - everything was cooked properly, etc., we just didn't like it. To me, this is kind of the worst case scenario - it's not like they could have hired new servers or redecorated - their basic vision for the restaurant is just . . . off.

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  1. Agree with you, A misconception. We went once as it is convenient- found the food strange, the atmosphere lacking( they have to cover the walls and windows with heavy drapes to camouflage the very unattractive building/location) and very pricey menu for such a bland location. Never went back.

    1. They should choose South Asian or Northern Italian. For OK inexpensive diner type food try their sister restaurant Vidalia's in Wellesley. There's a concept that they stick with.

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        michela, I'm with you on Vidalia's being OK, though no better. If you're in the area it's not your worst cheap option, though not worth a special visit to my way of thinking.

      2. I live in metrowest and had hoped that Maxwell's 148 would be one of the few restaurants worth visiting in our area (tomasso trattoria, sichuan gourmet, firefly's, Nobscots on Mondays for $.25 chix wings and $3.95 burgers all worth visiting) but I was pretty disappointed. i agree with the OP but would like to add a few specific complaints: they charge for bread! wines are overpriced, too many pretensions. spend a little extra time and go to Boston for a better experience and the same price.

        1. Have to agree with all as well. Have been to Maxwell's twice - never a stellar performance in food. Service very good. But it's just off our radar screen - too many odd taste combinations. If they went to Northern Italian - would be a hit!