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Oct 20, 2007 07:57 PM

Best dosa in Toronto?

Actually it doesn't even have to be the best. I used to love a version back home with green chilli, ginger and coconut. Any dosa recommendations in the city would be much appreciated.

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  1. I'm a big fan of the dosas at Udupi Palace. They serve about a dozen different versions, and all of the ones I've tried have been great.

    Udupi Palace
    1460 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L2A3, CA

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    1. I've had some great dosas at Rashnaa. They don't travel very well, but they're delicious there.

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      1. re: vorpal

        thanks so much for the suggestions!

      2. I used to frequent Madras Palace in Scarborough 4/5 years ago. Not sure if they still serve a decent dosa. I haven't had a dosa in years, now I'm craving one.

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        1. re: Apprentice

          Madras Palace has the best South Indian food in the city, in my opinion. Love their masala dosas and their vegetarian thali is to die for. I can't find anything comparable in Toronto (central), which is really a shame!

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            I also haven't been to Madras Palace in a few years, but it was definitely the best dosa I've had in the city. It's a shame they don't travel well as I no longer live in the area.

            Does anyone know of a decent place downtown?

            1. re: nicopop

              Try South Indian Dosa Mahal on Bloor between Dufferin and Landsdowne.

              1. re: Delish

                That's quite close to my house and work - thanks for the tip!
                Is there anything else on their menu that you'd recommend?

                1. re: nicopop

                  Last time I was there was a while ago. At least a year or so... I can't recall the details of what I ate, but I seem to remember a tasty dosa experience.

                  1. re: nicopop

                    i have had both MP and SIDM. MP is way better. if you have had MP dont bother with SIDM. you will only be disappointed. sorry.


                    1. re: HarryLloyd

                      I now make the trek to the burbs for dhosa. I haven't had anything decent downtown since the Madras Express Cafe disappeared in the early '90s. (On the site of the now dead Narula's.)

                      I haven't tried MP, but I've been to Saravanaa Bhavan many times.


                      1. re: koknia

                        Aaaah.. nostalgia for Madras Express, my first dosa and def. the best. Narula's wasn't too bad actually. Does anyone know how Madras Palace compares with the Dosa that Madress Express used to do? And where is Madras Palace?

              2. I love the dosa at Hopper Hut. I just never get near enough to have it more frequently.

                Hopper Hut
                880 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P2W6, CA

                1. Madras Dosa Hut at 10886 Hurontario in Brampton rocks.

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                  1. re: dacks

                    I think that's one of a small chain, right? I ate at the one on Albion Rd. at Islington. While the dosa's were pretty good, it was kind of shabby--dirty wall and very dirty red carpet (who wants carpeting in a restaurant anyway?)