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Oct 20, 2007 07:20 PM

Any non-pie uses for sweet pie pumpkins?

I couldn't resist the good sale on sweet pie pumpkins this week, but I don't want to make a pie right now. Any good recipes out there? Especially quick and easy ones that don't involve too much pureeing--I don't want to out-puree myself before the Turkey Day rush...=)

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  1. Afghan pumpkin! There is a thread on it and recipes online if you search.

    You can use it in recipes like you would a flavorful winter squash.

    1. Just plain simmering it (don't have to peel), cut in wedges or chunks until tender is good. Add butter if you want.
      Or, cut the top off, scrape out the seeds, rub it in and out w/ oil, then bake in oven at 350 until fork tender is good too.
      Or, you can stuff it w/ same mixtures you would use for stuffed peppers, or make up your own--and bake.

      1. Pumpkin-sage ravioli using wonton wrappers as the pasta. Serve with brown butter sauce.
        One of my favorites.

        1. try a pumpkin mash...a sweet riff on mashed potatoes:

          bake or simmer the pumpkin, and mash the flesh with enough low-fat buttermilk, fat free evaporated milk, or yogurt to achieve a creamy, thick consistency. season with your favorite pumpkin pie spices & a pinch of salt, and sweeten to taste with either maple syrup or brown sugar.

          1. simply roasted. cut into hunks, drizzled with olive oil. s&p, and maybe some smoked paprika. thyme sprigs if ya got 'em. nice hot oven, about 20 minutes. shave some parmesan and drizzle some balsamic. autumn has arrived.
            a pumpkin gratin is also lovely. pumpkin and gruyere? i'm so there!