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Oct 20, 2007 07:19 PM

Shredded Beef Tacos

Hello All!

I'm new to the DFW area and aftering having lived in San Diego for 17+ years I'm both used to and addicted to shredded beef tacos. Alas... all of Texas Mexican seems to be ground beef, Tex-Mex. I'm not a fan.

Can anyone suggest any Mexican restaurants that have shredded beef or are somewhat similar to California Mexican?

Thanks y'all... :)

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  1. Luna De Noche has shredded beef tacos. They're a local chain with several locations: RIchardson and 75@Coit.

    1. Go to any of the Taquerias in town all of them will have Barbacoa etc. Most of the better Mexican will as well. Pure "Tex Mex" places may not since the El Fenix standard is ground meat not shredded.

      1. Avilias on Maple,Taco diner and Mi Cocino in West Village on McKinney.

        1. You should try the taqueria at Fuel Town. Its located right at Northwest Highway and Loop 12. I am completely addicted to their barbarcoa tacos. I usually get two and a shredded beef quesadilla and I am stuffed for hours.

          I have heard from several people that Fuel City, another gas station taqueria, has the best tacos in the city. They are near the mixmaster on Industrial. Their picadillo tacos are very good, but their barbacoa arent as tasty as the ones at Fuel Town. I guess it really just depends on which of the two that you are nearest to.

          1. The absolute best shredded beef tacos are at Mia's. This place is always packed and the food is really good. Order the Brisket Tacos, you won't be disapppointed, they are a mama's special.

            Mia's Tex-Mex
            4322 Lemmon Ave
            Dallas, Texas 75219
            Mon-Sat 11am–10pm