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uncured olives

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Does anyone know where to find uncured olives? I've checked the farmers markets in my area but only have the cured type. I'm happy to go for a drive if I need to (I live on the Westside).

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  1. The only way I can think of to find uncured olives is if you can find someone with a tree; it is late now, quite a bit past the olive season to the best of my knowledge but perhaps someone knows more(???).

    1. i saw some at this last wednesday's santa monica farmers' market

      1. Monte Carlo's Italian deli - saw them there today
        3103 W. Magnolia Blvd
        Burbank, Ca 91505
        Phone: 818-845-3516

        1. ditto on S.M. Farmers' Market. They're in season right now.

          1. You might be able to find them at the Graber Olive House in Ontario.


            Even if you can't get them uncured there, they have trees in front where you can pick a few off the trees when they are in season.

            1. Flora Bella Farms
              Santan Monica Market on Wdnesday and..
              Right now!, at the market at Sunset and Ivar in Hollywood

              1. Last year, I saw one of the vendors at the Pasadena/Sierra Madre farmers market selling them.

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                  Saturday morning Pasadena HS Farmer's Market - Joe has them. However, he will only be having them for another couple of weeks and when I saw them on Saturday many had started turning black already - where none were dark the previous week. He is the long mainly fruit stand (also has many nut offerings) with his back to the soccer/baseball fields. Across from the stand that sells tamales, flautas and some of the best Posole I have ever had!