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Oct 20, 2007 06:15 PM

Visit to Savannah...need recs for great food!

Hello Southies!
I am going to Savannah for about four days next month. What are the great spots for food? B, L and D!!!!
Thanks, Andrea from Los Angeles

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  1. Doesn't Paula Dean have a restaurant there in Savannah? I'm also looking at a review for Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room that looks like the kind of place I'd go if I were to ever visit Savannah.

    1. Don't bother with Paula's place unless you want to spend a whole day in line waiting for a reservation (no exaggeration).

      Go to the Old Pink House- you won't be sorry. Excellent food in a building erected in the late 18th century- excellent service, too.

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        Definetly second on Paula deens. The food was not worth the wait. Check out Sapphire which is right next door to Paula's

      2. Just read the forum Savannah has been discussed thoroughly.

        1. From another thread I just posted to...

          We stumbled upon Cha Bella and had an excellent meal there. Had a couple of good breakfasts at B. Matthew's. Many of the restaurants in Savannah are tourist traps really, especially the ones claiming to be fine dining.

          Lady & Sons can be hit or miss. We've done the buffet at lunch and left satisfied. Just don't order off the menu, the buffet food is far better (and I'm not a buffet guy). Make sure to go early though. Put your name on the list and hit some nearby stores or galleries while you wait.

          Commenting on some of the other recommendations, I've heard not-so-good things about Uncle Bubba's and The Old Pink House recently.

          If you're an art fan, the Shop SCAD store makes for fun browsing. SCAD also has a couple of student galleries that are open to the public. I usually just take an afternoon walking around and hitting all the local galleries.

          If you're looking to take a walking tour, I recommend Bobby Davis ( He's less schlocky and more history-driven than the other guides in town.