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Oct 20, 2007 05:37 PM

Fremont Newark area help needed

A dear friend will be spending three days in Fremont the first part of November and is in dire need of recos for lunch and dinner. I've researched the posts over the past year and listed some possibilities below.

He doesn't wish to travel too far from the immediate area so the farthest places I've included are in Milpitas. For dinner, fine dining to casual are fine, good wine lists a definite plus. A good fish place would be nice as would Mexican, Italian, German, Mediterranean, Thai, or Chinese. Probably not into Indian or Vietnamese so much. Same cuisines for lunch plus anywhere that does chicken well.

I get the feeling that SE Asian and Indian are the strong suits for the area.
Comments and strengths for the following or better alternatives most appreciated.


Munchner Haus Rita's German Deli

Kinder's Meat Deli BBQ

Strizzi’s - Italian (many seafood entrees?)

Ristorante Il Porcino

Cafe Buona Sera

La Casita – homestyle Mex

China Chili's or North China Restaurant

New York Pizza


La Cocina Mexicana -

Beck's Steakhouse & Seafood


A Touch of Aloha

Banana Leaf for Malaysian

Spice Route - inventive Pan-Asian, seafood

Barrio Fiesta - Filipino food

A few more gleaned from sources other than Chowhound in Fremont are:


East Bay Thai

Fremont Market Broiler - seafood

My Thai

Carmen and Family Bar-B-Q

El Patio

Gaters - Mediterranean

and in Newark:

La Cabaña for seafood

Many thanks to you Bay Area hounds.

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  1. lots of good eats Fremont.
    My favorites: QQ Noodle, my post here:

    Lizhou Seafood Restaurant, Fremont - Cantonese food, 3 dishes for $16.50.

    Lee's Tofu, Newark - Korean, good soon tofu, good for lunch & dinner

    Mr. Kebab, Union City

    Thai Kitchen, Union City - pretty good for thai

    New China, Union City - 3 dishes for $17 or so. lots of posts here.

    LA Sokongdong Soon Tofu, Union City. side dish of jab chae (glass noodles) & fried fish are awesome w/ soon tofu!

    I posted all on chowhounds & yelp.

    1. I second hhc's suggestions. I'd like to add:

      Salang Pass (Afghan)

      Erik's Delicafe (Sandwiches)

      Little Potato (Chinese)

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      1. re: DezzerSF

        This thread got mentioned in another post so I'd like to add:
        Tipanan for homestyle Filipino food
        Sala Thai for excellent authentic Thai
        Shalimar for North Indian/Pakistani
        Little Sichuan Express for Sichuan

        Gaters - had the chicken shawarma and it wasn't that good.

      2. I lived in Fremont for a while - my thoughts on your list are:

        Il Porcino - my fav. Italian place in Fremont, cozy & good
        China Chili's - never understood why this place is so popular. Not bad, but not great
        North China - better than China Chili's IMHO, but not wonderful either
        Papillon - overpriced, so-so French/Continental food
        East Bay Thai - very tasty
        Market Broiler - OK but I wouldn't send someone from out of town there
        My Thai - also very tasty. If your friend likes SPICY, they will make unbelievably hot food if asked
        La Cabana - great little family-run joint, mexican seafood dishes are particularly good

        Regarding the other replies:
        Lee's Tofu - agree - very good tofu hot pots, especially the kimchee
        Salang Pass - second-best Afghan food I've had (first goes to Kabul in Sunnyvale/San Carlos) & nice atmosphere. Definitely recommend, since there are few afghan places around
        Erik's Deli - good deli fare

        I would add:
        Banyan Tree (Union City) - SE Asian, I always enjoyed my meals there

        Too bad your friend wouldn't be into Vietnamese or Indian, as Vung Tao (Vietnamese) in Newark is very good, and good Indian food abounds in the area.

        1. I would remove Carmen and family. I thought it was really bad. If BBQ is a must, I would either travel north 10 minutes to Everett and Jones in Hayward or south 10 Minutes to BCC enterprises in San Jose.

          I'm not a fan of Gator's either. Haven't been in a while, but the couple of times I did go I found it bland.

          Tirupathi Bhimas in Milpitas serves great S. Indian Veg.
          I highly recommend Spice Route, it's definetly more Indian than Pan-Asian (a few indo-chinese creations).

          I just had Banana Leaf for lunch today and loved it. As good as ever!

          1. We really like the dosas at Woodlands in Newark. That shopping center has a Lion Market, an Indian Market, and restaurants serving sushi, bahn mi, tofu, noodles, and lots more.

            Woodlands Restaurant
            39203 Cedar Blvd, Newark, CA 94560