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Oct 20, 2007 04:18 PM

In search of the neighborhood place: Manch, NH

I've been longing for a neighborhhood place- better than a pub, but not a pricey affair with fussy food and not a chain. I would love a small menu and big chalkboards full with specials. An interesting by-the-glass wine list and $3 beers.

In Manchester, this seems to be alot to ask- Cotton has sort of become this for us. Tonight we had dinner- at the bar. We wanted comfort food, a reliable meal and to not have to go home and change first (we had been out all day) . Dinner for two- (just entrees) with a couple of beers and a good glass of pinot noir was $50. Certainly chains like Applebees, etc, set you back as much and the meal would not have compared to what we had tonight (he loves the meatloaf, I had a special: pistachio encrusted salmon-)

Anyone in the Manchester area have a neighborhood place they love? The default go to where you always leave happy?

I hear that people love TR Brennan's on Hanover St. We tried it last night- I know they buy their fish from the fish guy at the rotary near Sandies. It was good- the scallops were sweet- but the atmosphere didn't do it for me, and the food was good, but not great, or even creative.

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  1. I've only been there for breakfast, but Belmont Hall is a nice hidden neighborhood place... nothing fancy, but some good solid comfort food.