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Oct 20, 2007 04:16 PM

Calvados in Los Angeles?

When I lived in Caen for a while, I had a delicious apple brandy called Calvados. I was young, so I dipped a suar cube into it and sucked out the brandy. It was great!! Now I'm missing it. Anyone know where I can get some around here? Preferably no further East than Hollywood.

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  1. You didn't specifiy if you were looking for it in a restaurant/bar or in a store.

    If in a store, you can get it at:

    Wally's - Westwood Blvd., WLA

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    1. re: JBC

      Being from Caen myself that post made me horribly homesick.
      Just had a look at Wally's and prices are 7 to 10 times more expensive than what I would get back home, and the cheap ones I wouldn't want to drink (full disclosure, most calva consumed in Normandy is moonshine, and has usually a 70% alcohol content. At least.)

      Any other cheaper source you can think of? I've tried the hard ciders they carry at Monsieur Marcel and it's nowhere near Norman cider, but maybe they carry calva also?

      Occasionally TJs has calvados around Xmas, it is not really drinkable in my humble Norman opinion but OK for cooking. The BevMo website lists cheaper calvas but once again, nothing I would really drink.
      Let us know if you find some decent one at decent prices!

      1. re: JBC

        Either one would work, but thanks for the info JBC!

      2. Yum,
        The best I had was at Joel Robuchon at the Mansion at MGM Grand.
        However, give a call to the great people at Silverlake Wine in Silverlake...even if you do not want to travel that far, they will be able to help you find a store in your area or a restaurant that will have it..everyone who works there pretty much knows all the wine lists in town worth knowing about.
        Good luck and I understand why you like it. Oh, I bought some at Vendome in Glendale (onb glenoaks and Monterey) last year fora Xmas presant...they had a lot to choose from and one of the fellas was really helpful.

        1. I found really good calvados at a good price at Du Vin on San Vincinte just below Melrose..I haven't been there in ages, but I love that place

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          1. re: rednyellow

            rednyellow is correct...Du Vin carries a great assortment of digestivos, including Calvados.

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              Perfect! That's so close to where I live, too! Thank you for the info.

              1. re: rednyellow

                Du Vin is the best palce to look!

              2. BevMo sells it, but I certainly can't speak to the quality, as I've never purchased it there.

                The Wilshire Grand also offers (not a take out of course) the Eau de Vie de Pomme

                That same apple brandy is available at BevMo too, or you could ask the company if they carry it elsewhere in LA

                FWIW, California Pizza Kitchen uses Calvados in their Apple Crisp!

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                1. re: Emme

                  bevmo does have it. du vin is higher end.
                  why wouldn't it be more expensive here than in Normandy? the euro is high, it's not an item in great demand etc.

                  at least you can get it. i can't find izarra here anymore or vervaine du velay. you can get marc de bourgogne but not marc de champagne. at least i can't.

                2. When I have needed Calcados, I have gone to Viktor's wine/liquior store on Bronson/Franklin, next to the old Mayfair Market aka Gelsons.

                  they have had 2-3 Calvados bottlings. The one they steered me to was about $40 for a 375ml bottle. Very good, but they admitted they never could get the top quality stuff from France, as there was little demand.

                  Hope this helps,