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Oct 20, 2007 04:07 PM

Quiche.. Northern VA

Anyone know any good places for Quiche? Due to some dental magic I can't chew food very well for a couple days :(

Quiche sounds perfect to me, but the only two places around the reston area I know of are la madeleine and the place on lake anne (montmare?). Neither of which rate highly to me.

I want to go to dc, girlfriend doesn't so northern va it is! :)

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  1. Evening Star Cafe in Del Ray area of Alexandria has quiche for Sunday brunch.

    1. the pie gourmet in vienna for carryout quiche. 507 Maple Avenue West Vienna, VA 22180 • Phone: (703) 281-7437. the nw corner of nutley street and maple/123. nice variety, very fresh and tasty.

      1. Parisienne Express in Arlington (Rte. 29 and Old Dominion)

        1. try La Cote D'Or Cafe.. I love their Quiche very much.