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Oct 20, 2007 03:49 PM

Bay & Bloor Chinese Recommendations

I'm living at Bay & Bloor this year for school. I'm looking for some recommendations for Chinese food that's in walking distance of me.

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  1. Dynasty Chinese Cuisine just upstairs of Lacoste : )

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    1. re: 325i

      I was going to say Dynasty as well but Dynasty is a bit beyond student budget I would think. I work around there and I can't come up with any Chinese restaurants.

    2. not super close but I like NotJustNoodles on the NW corner of Wellesley/Yonge
      definate student-budget friendly

      1. OK, I suggest a real dump---walk west on north side of Bloor, pass ROM and McDonalds, and on right hand side there is an external staircase for a three-story slum with Vietnamese on the bright top floor (perfectly adequate, by the way, and CHEAP) and a dark hole of a very reliable, solid, cheap chinese on the second floor. don't know the name, but I (not a student) and many grad students frequent it. go with friends, order four things, and half will be great, half good enough. go with the specials if to your taste.

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          That's China Garden, which I also quite like for non-gourmet chinese, especially the hot and sour soup and the General Tso's chicken. I've mentioned it on this board before and recieved some dissenting opinions, though, but I've always like it for what it is.

          1. re: Minnow

            just had China Garden ... decent soup, pretty good spicy deep fried tofu .. general tsao's chicken was at first very tomato pasty but got a bit better as time went on. the shanghai noodles were also decent, nothing extraordinary. the portions are quite large though.

            i ordered for home delivery soup, general tsao's chicken, shanghai noodles, tofu .. came out to $23 incl. tax