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Oct 20, 2007 03:31 PM

Land Shark Lager?!?

I just got back from the store and noticed a sixer of beer called Land Shark Lager mixed in with the macro-brews. Upon closer inspection, I discovered this beer is made by the Margaritaville Brewing (?) company or some crap like that.

Has anyone tried this beer? Please tell me it is as horrible as I want to think it is.

Off the subject, but I hate Jimmy Buffet/Parrot-heads and everything associated with that lame, fat, balding 40 y/o Tommy Bahama shirt wearing culture. I just have a bad feeling that I am going to start seeing Land Shark Lager stickers on the back of Escalades next to "Got Margaritas?" stickers.

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  1. Looks like another A-B industrial lager. If you go to the official website for this beer, the announcers voice sounds just like the announcer for Bud commercials. And there is an A-B plant in Jacksonville.

    1. It is made by A-B. They want you to think it's some local Margaritaville-made stuff so they use a fake name. I have not tried but you know what to expect...clean, watery, Corona-like, instant skunk as soon as the case is opened and light hits the clear bottle.

      1. I paid $6/beer for a round of these at Margaritaville in Vegas. Uhm... yeah... I wasn't super impressed. It was better than, say, a Miller Lite, but definitely not worth $6/bottle.

        My full writeup, here:

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        1. re: fuzzmartin

          I don't know if you realized it while you were there fuzz, but everything in Vegas is more expensive. So your judgement shouldn't be based on price. There are very few places where you can get a beer for less than 8 bucks.

          I actually enjoyed the beer. All 5 of my friends and I agreed that it was a little like Corona but maybe a bit smoother. At the very least it was definitely sweeter.

          The only people that I've seen that REALLY dislike Land Shark are the so-called "Beer snobs". The average person should like it.

          1. re: kevinbryon

            Put me down as a beer snob. Corona is piss water. The lime is an attempt to cover it up. It's trendy, and wow, so are we! Fruit in beer is just weird.
            There is so much good beer. If only people would find it.

            1. re: Bobfrmia

              I agree that Corona sucks, but a good witbier is often improved by a slice of lemon or orange.

              1. re: Buckethead

                Agreed on both counts. IMHO sticking a wedge of fruit in your Corona bottle is nothing more than an attempt to cover up skunky taste and be 'cool'. Drinking piss water ain't cool...

                On the other hand, cool witbier with a bit of lemon can be very refreshing. And a chunk of lime or lemon definitely improves a lightweight mass-market brew like my husband's cans of Labatt Blue. Not bad on a hot summer day when you really don't feel like appreciating one of the heavy hitters!

                ...or, If you can't drink the beer you love, love the beer you're drinking. Within reason, of course!

                1. re: Kinnexa

                  I would never buy Labatt Blue let alone put lemon in it. That belongs in Hoegaarden.


                  1. re: Kinnexa

                    Funny you know where the lime trend started? Mexicans use to rub the rim of mexican to kill dysentery bacteria. LOL Its true.

                    1. re: Kinnexa

                      I think putting fruit in a witbier is just as goofy as putting lime in a Corona .... To each their own I guess!

                  2. re: Bobfrmia

                    I don't know that you can call a beer trendy when it's been popular for a decade or two.

                    1. re: Bobfrmia

                      Fruit in beer is weird?

                      Some of the best European beers are complimented with a slice of orange or lemon. It's nothing new, nothing trendy.

                      Landshark is nice and light. I enjoy it when I am not in the mood for my dark German beers.

                    2. re: kevinbryon

                      You never see a comment like this written to defend something like White Zinfandel, which might be considered to be the wine equivalent of Corona.

                      Why is that?

                      1. re: brentk

                        Because people are insecure about their wine knowledge and ashamed to say that they really prefer sweet insipid wine like white zin.

                        Macrolager lovers are the opposite, they love their Corona/Bud/Miller lite because they are god-fearing football-watching amurricans, dammit! Not snobby high-falutin snobby beer snobs! What's wrong with the swill huge corporations pump out at rock bottom prices, not good enough for you? Bet you don't even eat at McDonald's!!

                      2. re: kevinbryon

                        So you must be the guy that wrote the new Budweiser commercials. I'm parphrasing here, "It's not heavy like an import, not watery like a light beer". I was laughing out loud.
                        There is a reason that they call Corona Mexican Miller.(beside the clear bottle) I probably wouldn't totally dislike it, but I'd be hard pressed to pay for it.(either one)

                    3. The original comment has been removed
                      1. Had Land Shark in Maryland this past August. It reminded me of Corona. If you like that, you'll like this. I won't be buying any soon.