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Oct 20, 2007 03:21 PM

Looking for a luxurious weekday breakfast

I'm planning a girl's spa day on a weekday and would like to start with a fabulous breakfast in a fabulous restaurant or hotel restaurant. Ocean views or amazing atmosphere or both would be appreciated. Somewhere in the city of SF. Money no object.

Any ideas?


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  1. Four Seasons or Campton Place Hotel first choices, W Hotel next

    1. I'd suggest Boulette's Larder if you don't require being in a high-rise to enjoy fantastic city views. It's in the Ferry Building and you could get a peak of the Bay and the bridge. They only serve breakfast during the weekdays. I haven't been, but I have been meaning to call in sick to go there one morning.

        1. re: waldrons

          I can't seem to find a menu for breakfast at Campton Place - what's the food like fo breakfast there?

          1. re: Clare K

            usually omelette choice, pancakes, waffle,fruit,bread/pastry basket ... typical stuff...when I think of luxury atmosphere this is it-- Ferry Bldg is fine for quick or pick-up for office but not at all pamper style...another openn would be Hotel Vitale, it's Restaurant Americano serves lovely breakfast (wild mushroom omelette with truffle garnish! fabulous!) just across from Ferry Bldg if that is your neighborhood choice