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Oct 20, 2007 03:04 PM

Recommendation for before dinner cocktails

Can anyone recommend a cool bar/lounge for before dinner cocktails in area near Bellavitae restaurant (Minnetta Lane/6th Avenue). Thanks.
Also, has anyone been to Little Branch on 7th Ave S (cocktail lounge)?

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  1. I was going to suggest Pegu Club on East Houston and Wooster (right near Dos Caminos Soho). They have amazing cocktails, great vibe and is owned by the same owners as Little Branch.

    1. I'm not totally familiar with that area, but I'm definitely not a fan of Little girlfriend and I went there a few months ago and the host was a real jerk.

      1. Pegu and Little Branch both have delicious, but overpriced, drinks. For candy-like cocktails, try Absolutely Fourth. For decent wines by the glass in a low-key coffee house-like environment, try V-Lounge. La Lanterna on MacDougal has nice wines, as well. The Belgian Beer Bar (vol de nuit) has some nice beers. The Palapa Rockola on 7th has great micheladas. All are within 5 minutes or less of Bellavitae.

        1. If you want to walk a little, you could go to Bar 89 (89 mercer street). They make the best mojitos/cosmos/caipirinhas. I go back every time I am in town and when I bring someone that has not been there, they flip out over their drinks and their nachos with homemade salsa!