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Oct 20, 2007 02:47 PM

Girls night out in SF

Two part question:
I am coming to SF for 5 nights. There will be 4 of us girls, all over 35, and I want to take them out for a fun and memorable dinner. They aren't foodies, but are open to a really good meal. Asian is out because we are already going to the Slanted Door and one of my friends in not into Asian cuisine (we are forcing her to go to the Slanted Door). Anyone have any suggestions? Can't spend more than $50 per person and we can cab it to anywhere.
I was also wondering if there be any fresh Dungeness crab the last week of October? Is there a place to just chow down on those with a cold beer?

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  1. I don't believe the local crab season will have begun by then.

    1. There will be fresh crab at Fisherman's Wharf, but it isn't local. It comes in from the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Our local season starts around Thanksgiving (depending on strikes and weather).

      If the girls will share, maybe a small plates place like Cortez or Isa (Cortez is more style-y). (Is the $50 per person a total amount, including app/salad, main, dessert, beverage? or just the the main course?)

      Maybe Town Hall or Salt House -- they're loud (VERY loud), but fun, and the food is good. I'm also hearing good things about Farina.

      Whatever you pick, book soon, as good restaurants get full quickly! (As you know if you've already dealt with Slanted Door!)

      Hope that helps!


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        Thanks so much! We will check it out.

      2. We did Girls Night at Coco 500 and it was great! The food was excellent and do was the service.