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Oct 20, 2007 02:39 PM

Thai in Costa Mesa

Just Thai. I just moved here, and i have been craving good thai. there are a lot of small places around where i live (17th) but i dont want to drive 5mph and make a traffic jam cuz i want to check out everything. please help. only thai. please give me addresses!! Thanks!!!!!!!! i love the hole in wall places!

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  1. Most small takeouts will be mediocre at best, with maybe one or two decent choices.
    The problem is finding those choices.

    If you want really good Thai, pretty much across the menu, an easy drive (depending on the time of day) would be Bangkok Taste, in Santa Ana.
    It quickly became our favorite local Thai.
    It's definitely a hole-in-the-wall.

    Bangkok Taste is located at the corner of Fairhaven and Grand, just south of the 22.
    You can run up the 55, to the 22, then west one exit.

    1. The only Thai place I know of on 17th St. is the chain Thai Spice. The other local Thai restaurant near you is Royal Thai on PCH in Newport Beach which is overpriced and dumbed down.

      A better local alternative is Diho Siam on Newport Blvd and 19th in the shopping center that Mimi's Cafe is.

      I agree with Curt about Bangok Taste. It is worth the drive.

      1. thai spice on 17th
        thai wave on pch in newport
        royal thai on pch
        another thai place on 19th st whose name i forget
        more thai in costa mesa courtyards (harbor/newport)

        thai all over!

        1. best thai place in OC is Thai Nakorn off of Beach Blvd. in Stanton

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            true. tank up and drive to Stanton.

          2. I think Royal Thai on PCH is really good, go at lunch, it's not overpriced at lunch. For dinner it's a nicer restaurant so it is more expensive.