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Oct 20, 2007 02:38 PM

Nov. Birthday Trip

Hi there,

Visiting from NY for my mom's 65th birthday Nov. 3-7. We're staying at the W in the French Quarter. She's a caterer/foodie so I want to have some good meals planned. So far I'm thinking:

Sat dinner: Nola
Sunday brunch: TBD
Monday dinner: August
Tuesday dinner: Delmonico

We'll definitely do Cafe du Monde for breakfast one day. I guess I need some lunch suggestions but with these big dinners I really want to keep lunch on the light side (except brunch where i guess I need a light dinner.....)

Does this sound ok or do you have any suggestions. I'd love our meals to make us say "wow" out loud.

Any thoughts much appreciated.

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  1. I recommend Ralph's in the Park for Sunday Brunch. Be sure to make a reservation. You would really enjoy the ambience and the food.

    Commanders has a good lunch, too.

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      I second Ralph's. We normally do Commander's, when in NOLA and need to schedule brunch, but Ralph's did such a wonderful job, that I would not hesitate to recommend them.

      For the celebration of the actual birthday, I'd schedule Commander's, ask for table #8 (provided that all can navigate the stairs, and the pary is not too large). Let them know that it is a major birthday.

      Recent review of Ralph's, August & Delmonico:


    2. It's my birthday week too!
      I would definitely skip NOLA.

      Not sure if I would do Sunday Brunch, but if ya gonna, why not Commander's Palace?

      I am thinking of having a birthday meal at Ralph's on the Park tho.

      What about K-Paul's on Sat night?

      1. I think doing two of Emeril's is a mistake. One (either) would be fine, though none of them are the very top picks on this board. I would consider a meal at Bayona, Herbsaint, Stella and/or the recommendations made by Marchperson and Isabella.

        1. normally I would say stay away from hotel food but the courtyard at the W FQ is soooo beautiful I love to eat there . Sometimes I take a break from our renovations here in mid-city and book a room at this hotel just so we can have a late supper in the courtyard (fire fountain and twinkling candles and cool breezes)

          the roomservice menu is largely the menu from Bacco (attached to hotel) and the selections are above average- the W's whenever/wherever concierge is always accomodating when we ask to dine in the courtyard

          anyway- my suggestion for the wow factor is to treat your mom to a late supper under the stars- I had my mom down last month from NJ and it was the thing she enjoyed most- I think because it was such a departure f-rom eating outdoors in the northeast

          have fun!

          1. jfood would skip NOLA and add Brigtsen's. Sunday nights are hard in NOLA as many restos are closed (Commanders is open but last time it appeared the B-Team was in the kitchen). The W in the FQ is very young and hip, no breakfast resto in the hotel and the rooms are VERY small. If your looking for utmost classy hotel look into Windsor Court, just outside the quarter and literally across the street from August. And it may be less expensive. Then you have an option of a lovely afternoon tea in a beautiful setting as well.

            NOLA is fantastic.