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Oct 20, 2007 02:34 PM

Medford/Ashland and Eugene OR

i have searched out the posts on these cities but haven't seen anything recent.

i am looking for good local spots? some great breakfast spots with organic and whole grain options? great pubs with good food and beer selections.


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  1. Ashland - Morning Glory for breakfast. I liked the oatmeal and the bacon.

    1. THere's a relatively recent Eugene thread you should check out. Let's see, though:
      -The classic organic place here is Keystone Cafe. It has lots of fabulous organic food, many vegetarian and local choices. It's not one of my favorites, but I tend to go more for decadent than for healthy when I get the chance to go out for breakfast.

      Bier Stein has the best beer selection around-something like 800 international beers. I have to say that our good places for beer are not the same as good places for food. There is the North Bank/High Street/19th St Trio (all McMenamin's) which have good beer, but I find their food to be mediocre and service worse. The Rogue Brewery is right downtown-good beer, also, but nothing too exciting about their food.

      My favorite place lately is the wine bar at 16th and Willamette-Midtown. The owner, Tim, is really helpful and knowledgeable, and they serve food from the restaurant in the same building. I've had some amazing ahi there, very good risotto, and they make spectacular pommes frites with demi glace.

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        great! thank you. do you happen to have the link for the recent Eugene thread? i looked but couldn't find it.

        thanks again

      2. just poking around i found a good little brew pub with pizza in Medford that was very good. it was the Wild River Brewing and Pizza Co.

        1. It's been a while since I've been there but Ashland Bakery and Cafe was a great breakfast. They also have whole grain options.

          Tragically, the Rogue Brewpub in Ashland closed.

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          1. re: knowspicker

            Sadly, I think Ashland Bakery and Cafe has gone downhill--we have gone there every year when visiting Ashland, but in the past few years it hasn't been good, and the service, which was never stellar, has been absolutely dismal (lots of attitude, and not very good at delivering the things that you order). If you want a big blow-out breakfast, try Morning Glory instead--it's a little hike from the central area, but you'll need to work off those calories anyway.

            1. re: Nettie

              Just to clarify the record a bit. Ashland Bakery and Cafe was recently sold and has now reopened as the Ashland Bistro Cafe. Brothers Cafe (also a decent breakfast spot) has also changed hands and is in the process of receiving a major face lift. I'm a local and neither of these places is do I much frequent. New Sammy's on the other hand is now open for lunch! Try the BLT with a nice glass of burgundy, WOW!

                1. re: bbqboy

                  Thanks man. Too much running and not enough eating!
                  Are you up on the small plates scene in Medford? We liked Elements and heard there was another one nearby. Any information from you BB?

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                      Thanks Boy. I like that the Medford paper's food critic isn't a "foodie";-)

          2. one place that we liked out there was the Eugene Brew Pub (i believe that is the name) was pretty decent. they had a ton of Rogue and other local beers on tap and had a tasty Kobe beef burger to boot.

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            1. re: jeffbatl

              That's Eugene CIty Brewery, the local Rogue brewing outpost. Their food has never really done much for me, but one could certainly do worse for pub food. The tasty rogue ales are worth it though!

              1. re: antrobin

                Forget the Rogue. Good beer but their food is definitly sub par, especially for the price. Head next door to the Starlight Lounge for better beer, (Ninkasi for a buck a pint, five different beers usually) and then across the street to the Horsehead for the best bar food in town. I haven't made my way through their entire menu yet but what i have had was great. They have a veggie burger with bacon and brie that is amazing and their hushpuppeis are almost perfect.