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Oct 20, 2007 02:32 PM

Lobster To Go

Can any of you hounds recommend a place on the Westside that has live lobsters for take out that they'll fish out of the tank and cook and clean for you while you wait? Got a craving for a lobster roll assembled at home and have heard that some lobsters are better and tastier than others, so if anyone can point me in the right direction... Thanks!

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  1. Maybe not as close as you'd like-but it is west. Captain Kidd's Fish Market in Redondo Beach. They also have a fish market and will cook whatever you buy to take out or eat there.

    1. Malibu Seafood

      I know somewhere like Ruth's Chris would do it, albeit at a high price.

      Less expensive, I'd call Ocean Ave Seafood.

      Don't know if you mind supermarkets, but Ralph's definitely carry them, not all but a good number of them.

      Costco sometimes also offers them, but I'd call because often they just have tails.

      Oh yeah, and Gladstone's.

      1. If all you want is a lobster roll, which is a lovely thing, why not buy lobster tails at Costco's Seafood Roadshow event tomorrow? (It's a weekend thing)

        1. If you are making classic New England lobster rolls, be wary of tails only as they are proably spiny lobster which has a different taste and you might be dissapointed. Check with Santa Monica Seafood. They very often have fresh-cooked lobster meat for sale. If not, ask them if they'll do it for you; my guess is that they probably will.

          1. I bought a live lobster at Albertsons about a month ago. They asked me if I wanted them to cook it for me. I said yes. But you are on your own w/ dismantling the sucker.