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Oct 20, 2007 01:52 PM

Texas Sunday dining "institutions"? Any rec's?

I often find myself looking for destinations on Sunday (my day off!) to give an excuse to make trips to smaller-town/city eats but find Sunday eats hard to locate.

Many BBQs are closed. Plenty of hideous chains open for biz: yuk.

About the best I've found is the famous Clarks Outpost in Tioga but that's almost a Dallas suburb at this stage. For more rural parts of TX (eastern half really is my stomping ground: I am a private pilot so can hit most places east of the Pecos on a day flight from Houston) wondering about places where people have been going for years, either after church, or after fishing or whatever Sunday endeavors they favor.

Particularly for Sunday breakfast/lunch/brunch.

Looking for something a bit special, however any cuisine or variety is fine.

I know they are out there but these sort of places are hard to find. Another good one is Pete Harris Cafe in Shreveport (yes this could spill over into W LA too) but smaller towns are more to my taste.

Thanks for any hints. A bit of an offbeat request I know, but any help is always appreciated, so long as it's open Sunday :-)

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  1. The first thing that comes to mind that is certainly offbeat and out of the way is Caddo Lake Restaurant in east texas near Marshall. The "hushpuppies" are great and so is the catfish.

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      Thank you. That is a definite must try. I am about to post this past Sunday's trip to Steamboat Bill's in Lk Charles on the Louisiana (South) board if interested.

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        Is this the place you refer to?
        From: Southern Living.
        Sounds good anyhow.

        Still moving north, head toward Caddo Lake State Park and Uncertain. The town has a funny name, but it's a lovely route on the way to great grub.

        Off Farm Road 2198, on Pine Island Road, follow the unsophisticated signs to "Big Pines Down Yonder." Sitting alongside Caddo Lake, this no-frills family restaurant serves crisp, buttery-- sweet catfish well worth any excursion. Bill Sharp, who lives in Uncertain, says, "I've been eatin' at Big Pines Lodge for around 30 years, and I never get sick of it."

        The catfish is served family style, or you can order a plate with two or three fillets. The jalapeno hush puppies are preferred by many over the traditional. And the chicken-fried steak is rumored to be good, but it's hard to find someone not devouring the fish.

      2. I heard of catfish restaurant around Lake Texoma that has a landing strip right by their parking lot. I have never been, nor know the name of the place, but I hear their catfish is incredible. (I believe they may be on the OK side). There is another restaurant near Lake Texoma that is a seafood, BBQ, and steak restaurant (on Texas Side). I dined there once and had an incredible cut of prime rib. Again, the name escapes me, but if anyone knows what I am talking about please reply with name and location.

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          Yes, Sadly the shortish turf strip has put me off so far. But you never know. It packs in a lot of airplanes (as per link!)

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            While in Dallas visiting relatives (I'm from NYC) this past summer, we did a road trip to McGehee's. The fish (all you can eat) and sides were tasty and, at least for me, somewhat of a novelty. Just driving through the "town" to the restaurant is a bit of culture shock. From what I understood while I was there, the airstrip is not open, or at least it was closed while we were there. If you go, check their hours, as they don't serve lunch during the week. We had to backtrack 10-15 minutes to the casino along whatever highway it was that we took there from Dallas, in order to kill time. Okay, and I also like to hit Babe's for fried chicken while I'm visiting, every other trip or so. Sorry, it's in some suburb, maybe not Dallas proper, but no airstrip there...