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Oct 20, 2007 01:25 PM

7.8 pound pork butt

I just got a deal on a pork butt (no snickering, please), and would like your ideas. Please. alkapal is in a mental rut, and needs coddling. Many thanks!

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  1. How about a carolina style pulled pork in the crockpot. I love coming home to dinner that's done and the house smelling good. I use this recipe w/ variations, depending on my mood. Not garlic powder but fresh garlic, at the least.

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      I SECOND the slow cooked port 'butt' in the crock pot. Some of my favorite uses are to:
      - refry until crispy for a 'Carnitas' taco filling (or six, or twelve.....)
      - layer with swiss cheese, sliced ham, dill pickle, mustard, mayo on a soft roll, press in a skillet or 'Foreman' grill for a 'Cuban' sandwich

    2. Or maybe a pork chile verde with some good Hatch chile, if you have access? I'd cube (big chunks) and brown the meat first, then add in hefty quantities of chopped onion, green chile, garlic, a little water, etc. and braise it until it's ready to be rolled in a burrito or eaten out of hand with corn tortillas.

      1. This size may be too big to cook in a crock pot or dutch oven without cutting up. I'd suggest looking up threads (or recipes) on Pernil, the Puerto Rican (and more generally Latin American) method of slow roasting pork. It first calls to flavoring with a spicy wet rub (even pushing the rub into holes in the meat).


        1. Tell me about your big butt!


          Do you see a natural separation in this butt?

          I think if it were me I would cut along the natural separation or pry it apart if possible
          (if just held together by thin a membrane) into 2 separate pieces.

          An 8lb butt is really big and personally I would want 2 different takes on it.

          Down in New Orleans we do a garlic stuffed pork roast with parsley and onions and a little bell pepper too. Cut slits in the roast & stuff whole garlic cloves in the slits. Use about 2 heads of garlic. This is roasted in the oven, low & slow.

          I also was thinking of a green chile stew (Hatch chile verde as neobite also suggested).
          This freezes well.

          I was also thinking about smoking it or half of it low & slow, about 12 hrs +.

          Another idea is a more latin version pibil style

          Let us know what you decide on!

          1. tasty suggestions for my big butt. ;-)
            but, (ha) i have no slow cooker other than my le creuset french oven and a persnickety oven.
            i do think two different dishes should be made.
            keep suggestions coming! thanks!