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Oct 20, 2007 01:24 PM

fall salad...whats it missing?

So I am always in charge of the ridiculously huge salads for the family events. Tomorrow is one of the cousins birthdays so I am, of course, breaking out my $60 huge oblong salad bowl and doing the salad. I'm tired of the classic cuke, tomato, olive, green onion, cheese and crouton gig so I am opting for a fall salad of mixed greens, gala apple chips, gorgonzola, candied pecans and applewood smoked bacon with an apple viniagrette.

What's it missing? Anything? And there is generally no theme of food to these parties because the palates go from far and near. We are doing Italian beef sandwiches, mac and cheese, mexican caviar, spinach dip, veggie tray, hot pepper tray, hummus, baba, taco dip, salad, potato salad, fruit always just runs the gammet.

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  1. I love fresh pears and slices of roasted butternut squash, with bacon, cheese, arugala, and nuts.

    1. I'd add green onions or red onions for a little bite.

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        Ditto. I'm leaning towards red onion.

      2. It sounds great to me. I'd probably use fresh apples since they're in season rather than apple chips (though I've never had apple chips). Pears, as mcel suggested, also would be good with what you've planned. Maybe some roasted cauliflower, too, or some color w/ persimmons.