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Oct 20, 2007 01:12 PM

What Happened to Empire Szechuan?

Hello Eaters,

Where did Huntington's Empire Szechuan go? Why did it close? (This is the place on 25-A). They had good food, and fantastic 1/2 price sushi deals. I really miss my sushi -- love Show Win down the road but it's making me broke! Help. Any suggestions, or does anyone know what led to the demise of Empire? Or what will be coming into that space? I thought they had a pretty good business going...

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  1. i believe i read in newsday about a month ago that it is undergoing renovations. What i don't understand is why that location would undergo renovations when their other locations i have seen look run down and that location was very nice looking.

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    1. re: jpf1980

      Thanks, JPF. That's good news! But I'm with you.. The place looked pretty spiffy to me, not at all like it needed renovations. You're right. The 110 location is a dump.

      1. re: HungryPerson

        i've never been to the route 110 location nor the syosset/jericho location on jericho turnpike that also looks like a dump. I beleive there is another location too that i have seen that is a dump as well but can't remember for sure.