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Oct 20, 2007 12:43 PM

Sunday luncheon in Old Saybrook area

One of my sisters and I are taking our oldest sister out to lunch. She lives in Old Saybrook, but I am not opposed to driving to neighboring towns. We do not want brunch, but a nice lunch. Reasonable in price, good food. For the record, Johnny Ads is ok, and I will sometimes buy take out and bring it to her house, but it is not where I would want to take either of them to. Dock and Dine in Cornfield PT is too expensive, though breathtaking views. Does Bill's have lunch? How is their food? Not opposed to other cuisine, good Chinese, Thai would be fine. Really excellent Italian (we are 100% Sicilian and had a Mom who could cook with the best of them, so tough critics). Even a brewery with excellent burgers and sandwiches.....Any recommendations? Thanks, Sally

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  1. This is a listing of places in the Old Saybrook area that might help you out. (

    1. Liv's Oyster Bar and Jack's American Bistro downtown are quite good, but perhaps you should check their menus outside, they are not inexpensive. Vinny's Old Saybrook Fish House is more upscale than Johnny Ad's. Two decent Italian places on the West end are Tiberios and Alforno. The Back Porch (on Ferry Road) has marina views: we had a good meal there last month, but several others have been disappointed.

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        Don has good suggestions. I would also add Penny Lane Pub on Main Street for burgers, upscale tavern food. If you could go to Westbrook, Boom is nice. You could also be fine at Lenny and Joe's in Westbrook.