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Oct 20, 2007 12:31 PM

Cider Donuts - Cold Hollow Cider Mill, VT

Up in Vermont last week and braved a rainstorm to get some warm/hot cider donuts. Cold Hollow Cider Mill opens at 8am (daily) and they are coming out of the fryer in small batches.
The donuts had a bit of crunch on the outside with a warm,moist, soft interior. They have a nice apple/spice flavor .... easy to eat several of them - especially while they are warm.
Think they were 50 cents each or 6 for $2.40 IIRC
the fall pressing cider has a nice tart finish.

Cold Hollow Cider Mill
3600 Waterbury-Stowe Rd.
Waterbury Center, VT 05677
1-800-327-7537 open daily 8am - 6pm

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  1. ooooh oh man, I am so hungry for some donuts now. Maybe I'll stop on my way to work Monday. *drool*

    1. I LOVE those donuts! Whenever I'm in the Stowe area, I always stop by and pick some up ~ although they don't always make it home!


      1. Love that store. Not only the cider donuts-they have the best selection of gourmet mustards, sauces and other hard to find items.

        1. Ahhh...one of my favorites. Though I have to say I'm more partial to the Cider Jelly!

          1. If you love cider donuts, another great place is Meadow Ledge Farm in Loudon NH. They make cider donuts on the weekends in fall, and the line is long so get there early. Fresh, hot, crispy, good cider and spice flavor. You need to order twice as many as you think you want, and eat them all hot right away! Just google or mapquest to find it, not too far off rt 106.

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              thanks, always good to know of another spot for cider donuts!